4 Types of Bras for Wedding Dresses

After you’ve found your dream wedding dress, it’s time to find comfortable undergarments that provide the right fit and keep you feeling your best on your big day. There is no one size fits all bra when it comes to a wedding dress, the type of dress you have determines which bras you can wear.

1. Contour Bra

Contour bras work well under formfitting wedding dresses. You can wear a contour bra under just about any type of wedding dress because it’s designed to fit like a second skin. The bra’s fabric clings to your body without causing discomfort.


A contour bra provides support for your bust and accentuates it, but a great addition to your bra would be shapewear for a full-body slimming effect. At Leonisa, we offer bridal shapewear with features like anti-slip grip lining for the perfect flattering fit regardless of your body type.

You can find full-body suits in addition to separate bras and panties. When it comes to our body shapers, you’ll find options that feature panty bottoms or formfitting shorts. Both styles are comfortable to wear, so it comes down to your personal preference. As long as you choose quality shapewear for wedding dresses, it should fit so well that you forget you have it on.

2. Strapless

If your wedding dress is strapless and you want to showcase your shoulders without visible bra straps, it’s worth considering wearing a strapless bra. If your dress is both strapless and plunging, then you can find a mix of a strapless and plunging neckline bra to ensure your bra won’t be visible. Some of our shapewear is strapless if you’d like a combination of these styles.

3. Longline

Longline bras complement all body types and bust sizes and the extra coverage offers a smoothing effect. The extra support provided by a long underbust band can help women with large busts or back problems feel more comfortable as well. Wedding dresses that work with longline bras can include dresses with sleeves and those without side cutouts.

This type of bra also pairs well with lacy panties, thongs and other special underwear that you may want to wear for your wedding.

Perfect Bridal Bra

4. Convertible

A convertible bra is the perfect option for a wedding that includes multiple dresses. If you have a dress for the ceremony and a different one for the reception, you might need two types of bras. With a convertible bra, you can swap around how the straps lay to ensure they are hidden. You can go from a classic two strap bra to a halter top in the matter of minutes! Using a convertible bra will leave your mind at ease knowing that there will be no bra mishaps on your special day.

Other Factors To Consider for Choosing the Right Wedding Bra

Pair a lightweight bra with lightweight wedding dresses and a heavyweight bra with heavy dresses. A lightweight bra fits seamlessly under a thin dress. For sheer fabrics, choose a nude color bra that blends in with your skin.

bra panties model

If you want your bust to have a lift for your special day, you can find bridal bras that provide a push to enhance your cleavage. However, some wedding dresses, such as those with a corset, already provide a lift for your chest.

We recommend that you try on your bra and dress together well in advance of your wedding day. You want absolute certainty that you’re satisfied with how it looks and feels.

Complete Your Wedding Attire With the Right Bra

Now that you know what your options are, you can choose the perfect bra for your wedding dress. It should be comfortable, discreet and sexy. You can find bras that tick all of these boxes at Leonisa.

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