4 Disadvantages of Not Wearing a Bra

Going braless can be comfortable and even liberating, especially after wearing an ill-fitting bra for hours on end. In fact, going braless is encouraged while sleeping in order to normalize circulation and maximize comfort. For some, however, not wearing a bra is seemingly the only comfortable option. The truth is that while going sans-bra might feel better than wearing a bra, it also has its disadvantages at times. Going without a bra in certain situations can, unfortunately, do more harm to your body than good. The key is finding a bra that fits you well so you can wear it for supportive and protective reasons. Here are four disadvantages of not wearing a bra and how you can avoid the resulting issues.
  1. Not Wearing a Bra Can Cause Soreness: If you're used to wearing a bra every day for at least a few hours, then you can probably notice the difference after not wearing one for a while. Going braless is great if you want to give your boobs a break for the night or while lounging, but doing so while exercising, jumping or moving around a lot in general can actually make you sore. For high impact activity, it's important to wear a sports bra for supportive purposes. It will help you avoid unnecessary soreness and combat sagging.
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  1. Not Wearing a Bra Can Cause Muscle Stress: In addition to soreness, not wearing a bra can lead to unnecessary stress on the neck, back and shoulder muscles. Not only is this painful, but it can also lead to knots and even tears in these muscles. To avoid this, take some weight off your back, neck and shoulders by wearing a supportive bra. How is a bra supposed to fit to maximize breast support, though? The answer is simple. Look for a bra that fits correctly around your bust (not too tight but still holding some weight on your chest) with straps that can be tightened or loosened to ensure comfort.

  1. Not Wearing a Bra Can Worsen Confidence Issues: Contrary to what some believe, bras are not evil. In fact, they can do a lot to help you with shaping issues, and the difference is even more noticeable if you usually don't wear a bra. There are ultra-comfortable and even sexy bra options to help make you feel more beautiful and confident underneath your outfit. In addition to comfort and flirty styles, bras can help create a breast shape that makes you feel more secure. Compression and push-up bras can lift your boobs and mimic a more full, perky shape. If going braless makes you feel constantly insecure about your natural chest, try switching it up with a shape-specific bra!
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  1. Not Wearing a Bra Can Increase Sagging and Stretch Marks: Sagging and stretch marks in the chest area might not be ideal, but they're a part of moving, growing and even being a mother. While topical creams and products might be able to help with some of this, the best way to prevent additional marks and sagging is to wear a bra. Just like a post-surgical bra protects your boobs after surgery, a traditional bra will help to support and protect them from more sagging and stretch marks.

As always, we hope these tips and recommendations are useful. However, it's so important to listen to your own body and do what's best for you! Whether you choose to wear a bra or not, remember to be mindful and protect your chest from damage.

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