Do You Wear Underwear with Shapewear?

There's certainly a lot you can learn when it comes to the world of shapewear. From educating yourself on popular styles of shapewear for women and their unique benefits to the evolution of women's shapewear as a whole, there is much to cover. Not to worry though because you don't have to be a certified shapewear expert to shop for great pieces and rock them like a pro. No matter how much shapewear knowledge you've obtained over your lifetime, it's totally normal to have questions about how to wear it. Though Leonisa's Style Confidants have shed light on numerous aspects of shapewear, one question remains: Do you wear underwear with shapewear?


Setting the Record Straight

Shapewear is meant to shape and sculpt your beautiful curves and deliver a smooth silhouette beneath your clothes. Though there are different levels of shapewear compression, these garments are all meant to be snug so they can work! With this idea in mind, the general consensus is that you do not need to wear underwear with shapewear. If you wear both at the same time, it might feel too tight and make you uncomfortable. The layering of underwear underneath shapewear can also cause the material of both pieces to crease or bunch, leaving you with a visible panty line and undesired bumps beneath your clothing.

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It's no secret that shapewear garments are great at smoothing, sculpting and slimming, but they also work well as a protective inner layer of underwear-like coverage at the same time. Think of your shapewear as underwear with superpowers! 


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Your Most Confident Look

It's important that you feel amazing while wearing shapewear. If feeling amazing in your shapewear garments means wearing underwear at the same time, then don't let anyone change your mind! It's all about showing off your curves and getting a look that sends you out of the house feeling great about your body. If you choose to wear underwear with your shapewear, you might consider a specific pair of panties for the occasion. Leonisa offers discreet thongs, cheeky styles and seamless panties made with thin fabric. These comfortable underwear options pair excellently with any shapewear garments that cover the area. 

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Shapewear vs. Regular Bodysuits

Though they may look like some shapewear pieces, bodysuits are totally different garments. A bodysuit is essentially a fashion leotard and it's designed to be worn underneath pants for a perfectly tucked-in shirt look. Regular bodysuits do not have extra compression or sculpting power. Think of them as a shirt, not shapewear! 

Despite their difference, many bodysuit wearers are curious about the need for underwear. So, do you wear underwear with a bodysuit? The answer is a bit more complicated this time. Essentially, it depends on whether or not it makes any sense to wear underwear with your bodysuit. If the extra panty lines will show through whatever you're wearing on the bottom, then maybe forgo the undies. If your bodysuit isn't easily washable, is made of a questionable synthetic material or you just prefer that initial layer of underwear coverage, then definitely wear a discreet pair of panties. 

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Our Shapewear Promise

At Leonisa, we strive to help you look and feel your best, meaning we want you to love the reflection in the mirror but also feel comfortable at the same time! Our high-tech shapewear fabrics are layered for secure comfort, easily washable and safe to wear with or without underwear. 

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