How Do You Wash Period Underwear?

Period panties are an innovative way to manage your monthly cycle without the need for menstrual cups or disposable pads and tampons. These panties from Leonisa also provide excellent backup against leaks when worn with menstrual products. To help your panties last as long as possible, you must launder them carefully. Here are some tips to help.

Period Underwear

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Rinse Period Underwear ASAP

Period panties are the same as regular panties, but they’re made from a material designed to absorb menstrual flow. When you remove the panties after several hours or a full day of wear, it’s best to rinse them under cold water to remove as much menstrual blood as you can.

Rinsing your panties isn’t absolutely necessary. However, even if you’re going to throw them directly into the washer, rinsing them before washing makes it easier to get them completely clean. The water in the washer will also stay cleaner, so you can avoid staining other items.

Wash Period Panties Soon After Wearing

You should wash your period panties as soon as possible after wearing them. Hand-washing will prolong the life of your underwear, but machine-washing on the gentle cycle also works well. Regardless of your chosen method, always use cold water and a minimal amount of mild laundry detergent that doesn’t contain fragrance, dyes or additions like bleach.

24-Hour classic light flow period panty

Use as little detergent as possible to keep any residue from remaining in the fabric. Then rinse thoroughly. An extra rinse cycle when machine-washing can help remove all traces of detergent. Don’t use a fabric softener, as this will make the panties less absorbent and leave residue behind.

Air-dry Your Period Underwear

Don’t throw your freshly washed panties into a hot dryer. Heat will break down the fabric and take years off the life of your underwear. Instead, hang your panties to dry somewhere with good ventilation out of the sunlight. If you have to use a dryer, choose the low-heat or no-heat setting.

Multiple Pairs Make Periods Easier

Your period panty can protect your clothes from your menstrual flow for a full day. However, if you wear the panty without other products, check often for moisture buildup. If the panty starts to feel damp or full, you’ll need to change it. Most people own multiple pairs of period underwear to allow for regular changes and to make using them more convenient.

Practical Panty Washing Tips

No one wants to wash underwear two to three times a day or run a washing machine for one item. To make using the panties more convenient, rinse them out immediately after you take them off and put them into a special hamper or basket.

You can either hand-wash what’s in the basket at the end of the day or use a machine. If you don’t want to run a load for two or three pieces, rinse them thoroughly and put them in a mesh laundry bag to wash with your other undergarments.

By hand-washing and air-drying your panties each day, you’ll ensure they last for years. However, machine-washing does a better job of rinsing and preventing odors that can develop after several cycles. Only you can decide which method is best for your circumstances. A good compromise is to hand-wash daily and machine-wash all your panties in one load at the end of your period.

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24-Hour classic light flow period panty

Period underwear from Leonisa gives you the freedom to skip other menstrual products that can be uncomfortable. With proper washing and care, your period panties can last for years and keep you feeling free and comfortable any time of the month.


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