How Should Swimsuit Bottoms Fit?

As soon as the warm sun peeks through, it's time to shop for swimwear. And with countless cute styles and attractive colors available, it can be a tough decision to make. But all that aside, an essential decision to make is choosing a bikini or other swimsuit that's comfortable and fits securely. From riding the waves to catching rays, whatever summer or swimming activities you enjoy, it's important to feel confident. But if you don't have a clear direction as to a bathing suit style that works for your unique shape and silhouette, trying on pieces can be frustrating-especially when it comes to swimsuit bottoms. And exactly how should swimsuit bottoms fit? Leonisa is here to guide you!

Unique Types of Booties

Swimsuit bottoms are different for every gal because we all have a differently shaped tush and silhouette. Some are thicker and some are flatter, so it's essential to find what feels right and flatters your fanny's curves. First, you need to determine your booty shape. Most women have one of these five common butt shapes:
  • V-shape-These bottoms have a line between the pelvis and hips that angle inward, creating a "V" shape. Women with broad shoulders and narrow hips commonly have a V-shaped derriere.
  • Heart/A-shape-This is also known as "pear-shaped" and features a bottom that widens below the hips.
  • Square-This shape is when there's a line between the hip bone and outer thighs that runs perpendicular to the ground.
  • Round-These are more full and plump in a rounder shape.
  • Reverse Heart-This is when your bottom is heavier at the cheeks.

Swimsuit Bottoms for Each Booty Shape

V-Shaped Bottoms

Women with V-shaped bottoms can often appear as though their cheeks are droopy and sagging. However, with the right swimsuit bottom, it's easy to combat this unflattering look. In general, make sure to choose swimsuit bottoms where the leg opening grazes the underside of your cheeks. For example, briefs, boyshorts, hipsters and bikinis with low-cut legs will provide just the right amount of coverage for your cheeks.

Heart or A-Shaped Bottoms

A-shaped booties typically rest on fuller thighs. The most flattering and comfortable swimsuit bottoms would be tangas, bikinis and boyshorts. The trick here is to stick to bottoms with high-cut and larger leg openings. In addition, it's best to stick with materials that offer some give, such as a stretchable lace or bottoms with laser-cut, seamless edges. Generally, women with A-shaped derrieres should nix swimsuit bottom styles with elastic edges, as they can feel a bit binding and incredibly uncomfortable against the skin.

Square-Shaped Bottoms

The most flattering swimsuit bottoms for square-shaped hips are boyshorts, bikinis, tangas and thongs. It's best to avoid swimsuit styles that are designed to ride high on the thigh. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a wedgie. Panties with an elastic-edged leg hole can also cause extra bunching, which can appear awkward-stay away from this.

Round Bottoms

Thick, round bottom ladies will need cheeky to medium coverage, which equates to a bit of extra fabric. Without this extra fabric, you'll find yourself with a frontal wedgie mishap, resulting from the bottoms shifting backward and lowering the front waistband. To contour the derriere, women with round bottoms will find certain swimsuit bottoms work better than others. Try on a tanga or thong for a more skimpy look. Or if you're more modest and need a slight bit more coverage, briefs and boy shorts work great, too. If you find swimsuit bottoms with four-way stretch or a center back seam with ruching, this is the perfect option. When it comes to style, round bottom women will appreciate swimsuit bottoms with adjustable side ties that can be loosened to your hips' width. Ruffles at the seams also hide any indentations caused by tighter areas.

Reverse Heart-Shaped Bottom

For women with a reverse heart-shaped booty, medium to minimal coverage is best. And, in general, choose a swimsuit bottom with a wider waistline. Hint: Think of an inverted triangle shape. Also, select bottoms with rounded hemlines and lower-cut leg openings to add some lift to your booty. Boy shorts and hipster style swimsuit bottoms are perfect for reverse heart-shaped butts. So are swimsuits with a seamless edge. Although, if you have a heart-shaped butt, be mindful of how the swimsuit fabric rests against your skin. If it causes any creases, this means you should go a size up. Women with reverse heart-shaped booties should avoid high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, as they tend to elongate the figure. Instead, find a swimsuit bottom that sits lower on the torso. Also, keep in mind that a full-coverage swimsuit that wraps the outer lower cheeks will only accentuate your reverse heart booty.

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