How To Get Cleavage: 5 Tips

Cleavage will never go out of style and always has its place in fashion. To get the look of cleavage at any cup size, it’s essential to choose the right bra type. Bras that enhance cleavage are specially constructed to lift the breasts and allow them to appear fuller, firmer and rounder. You can add a couple of other steps to your beauty routine to maintain taut breast tissue that will flatter your silhouette and show off that smooth décolletage.


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1. Moisturize and Use SPF for Supple Skin

Before you reach for that lovely bra that delivers spectacular cleavage, ensure that the skin of your upper bosom and neckline are smooth and supple. The décolletage plays a key role in cleavage, the space between a woman’s breasts that is created when the breasts are pushed together. The skin of this area is thinner and more prone to wrinkles or crepey skin.

There are excellent, hydrating night creams you can apply to your bosom to maintain its firmness. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your breasts when wearing an exposing top. This is important to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

2. The Magic Is in the Padding

What’s a normal bra compared to a push-up design? A regular bra will not be made with extra padding to create that added volume or the appearance of bigger breasts. When you choose a high-quality push-up bra, you’re getting a special bra that’s been engineered to provide exceptionally high lift and that ideal rounded look. The padding will be unique and often made of memory foam for amazing support that feels comfy and enhances your curves.

Padding is the cleavage builder. Some bras can allow your breasts to look one to two cup sizes larger. You have a variety of options for the cleavage you want to achieve.

3. Consider a Demi-Cup, Balconette or Triple Push-up Plunge

Not all push-up bras look the same. There are beautiful styles that are each uniquely constructed to maximize your cup size. Maybe for you, it’s the elegant demi-cup in a double push-up. This one features underwire contour cups with two built-in foam pads. There’s one on the sides and one on the bottom to center and lift.

Or how about a lacy balconette bra with double-layered wireless cups? You’re getting flattering contour cups with built-in push-up padding and supportive underwire. In addition, it’s a convertible bra with side boning for strapless wear.

A triple push-up plunge is another option that’s ideal for your favorite low-cut garments. You can visually increase the volume by 1.5 times in an instant 1.5 times the volume instantly!


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4. In a Hurry? Try Silicone Inserts

They’re known as “cutlets” in the industry, and silicone inserts can come to the rescue if you’re running late or your push-up bra is in the wash. This is another way to build cleavage for that special outfit. They can be slipped into a swimsuit as well.

There’s always the chance that your cutlets will bunch, roam around, or in the worst-case scenario, fall out. However, if you place them properly so that they fit snugly inside your sexy bra, you can create deep cleavage. You can place an insert on the outside of each breast. Or for a high lift, tuck them under the bust when you put on your bra.

5. “Paint On” Cleavage Cosmetically

You can even accentuate your décolletage and amp up your cleavage with a little highlighter and bronzer. This is done during runway shows as a quick fix for enhancing low-cut, sexy tops and dresses.

Brush on either a powder or liquid highlighter on your upper breasts, where they’re the fleshiest. Blend the highlighter in well. As light reflects upon your bosom, your breasts will appear luminous and full. Also, add a bit of bronzer between your breasts to add depth to your cleavage. Again, blend in well so that it appears natural.

From Subtle to Super Lift, Embrace Your Cleavage

A push-up bra is one of the finest fashion inventions ever! This special bra is a simple and effective way to enhance your posture and confidence along with your unique silhouette.

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