How To Hide Love Handles: Shapewear, Outfits and More

"Love handles" is a colloquial term for the accumulation of fat around the side of the waist. This area of visceral fat can show up from factors such as age, genetics, hormones, stress levels and lack of exercise. Even your sleep habits can contribute to love handles.

The quickest and simplest way to hide your love handles is with proper shapewear for women. The shapewear won’t change your body shape, but it will allow you to accentuate the parts of your body you feel most confident about. You’ll be delighted to learn how effectively undergarments from Leonisa can perform and how comfy they can be.

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Add Contour With Our Shapewear for Women

The Foundation of Your Wardrobe

You can have some of the fanciest and priciest clothing hanging in your closet, but without the right shapewear, it won’t matter. Shaping bras, panties, and other concealed pieces need excellent construction and fabric to hold their integrity and enhance your figure. With the advancements in today’s shapewear technology, the bulky fasteners, seams, and hems of yesteryear are gone.

The shapewear you purchase now can do more than smooth away your love handles. Our lightweight, breathable pieces have been thoroughly refined to pull in, lift and sculpt the figure. Not only are these pieces suitable for special events, but they are also comfortable enough for everyday wear. Instead of thinking of shapewear as something to use occasionally, consider shapewear as the foundation of your wardrobe.

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The Magic of Compression Technology

When shopping for shapewear at Leonisa, you will find many great options. Our bodysuits, waist cinchers, bras, shaper panties, butt lifters, leggings, and maternity and postpartum pieces can sculpt every figure. The secret to accentuating a woman’s curves comes from the high-tech fabrics and the compression factor. High-quality shapewear can give you the results you’re looking for.

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Browse Our Collection of Shapewear Underwear

Our compression levels include super comfy, moderate, firm, and extra-firm. Every person’s shape is unique, and you may desire more or less support than others. You’ll likely want looser compression for all-day wear and more supportive shapewear for evenings and special occasions.

Lift, Sculpt, and Redefine Your Figure

Shapewear foundation pieces go perfectly under blouses, tees, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, and any other garment you put on. Our well-crafted products allow full movement and never roll up your legs or down your waist. This shapewear stays put, gives you sleek lines, enhances curves, and delivers incredible support.

Our undetectable shaper panties and butt lifters flatter your booty. For more overall shaping, you might prefer one of our bodysuits. Options for body shapers include strapless pieces and ones that include thigh shapers. Some are designed to wear with your favorite bra. Others have a built-in bra.

Waist cinchers are another popular with those wanting to hide those love handles. These usually offer extra-firm compression and might include lumbar support.

Flattering Outfits for Love Handles

The best way to hide love handles under any outfit is to wear high-tech shapewear, especially styles that go invisible - even under bodycon dresses.

Another designer’s trick for concealing love handles is dressing in darker colors. This will add an extra slimming effect from head to toe. You can wear tops and dresses with flattering necklines to keep the attention above your waist. Off-shoulder designs are flattering, as are V-neck, scoop neck and plunging neck styles.

A maxi outer garment such as a kimono or duster in a delicate fabric also looks fabulous over a fitted dress or outfit. You can hide love handles and create that long, lean, elegant line.

Even Celebs Have Love Handles and Hide Them

No one’s body is perfect, and don’t let social media fool you. There is nothing wrong with having love handles, but we understand that not everyone wants to show them off. Shapewear and shapewear underwear have become the fashion world’s solution to a smoothed out and sculpted look.

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