Summer Shapewear: How to Stay Cool and Confident in Warm Weather

Temperatures are heating up, which means wearing outfits made of tighter, thinner fabrics that show more and more skin. But what about your shapewear? Don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice comfort in high temperatures or give up your confidence from wearing shapewear underneath your summer outfits this season. 

The right body shaper garment should be undetectable and breathable and work with your changing hemlines. Here are some ways that you can be sure you'll stay cool and look great on the warm days ahead.

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric - When it comes to hot days and your tightest, sexiest summer outfits, its all about the fabric of your shapewear underwear underneath. Choosing a product tha's breathable, moisture-wicking and just overall comfortable is an absolute must to get you through the hot season.

The right, high-quality shapewear will feel like a second skin beneath your clothes. It should be so flexible and soft that you forget you have it on. Our various types of shapewear are made using our trademark DuraFit® fabric for a super light and soft to the touch, comfortable experience. By intentionally choosing the best materials like elastane with high moisture-wicking abilities, our fabrics keep you cool, dry and confident.

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Summer Shapewear: How to Stay Cool and Confident in Warm Weather

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Creative and Thoughtful Design Is Key” In order to keep you cool, body shapers for women should be made with thoughtful and clever designs to work with your various outfits and specific areas needs. 

From step-in bodysuits to open bust areas and low-cut backs, theres an intentional Leonisa body shaper design waiting for you. Easy-to-put-on and wearable pieces without zippers or hooks make it simple to throw on and move throughout your day. 

Laser-cut edges that lie flat under your tightest clothing while keeping panty lines at bay will ensure you feel confident and cool in your warm weather outfits. Get the coverage and smoothing power you want, with the creative cuts and silhouette shapes your summer outfits need all from a well-designed, high-quality style of shapewear. 

Summer Shapewear: How to Stay Cool and Confident in Warm Weather

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Choose Compression You're Comfortable With We at Leonisa have designed several options for you when it comes to garment compression levels. Choosing the level of compression you're most comfortable with is important to keeping cool and confident this summer. 

If you're new to shapewear, light to moderate levels of compression are recommended, especially during hot weather. As you get more comfortable with wearing body shaper garments, firm and extra firm levels of compression are for those more experienced users. 

If this summer is your first time getting shapewear, stay cool and go light with a simple high-waisted short or panty option. Are you an advanced shapewear wearer? Even our extra firm levels of serious compression will keep you cool with our high-quality sweat-wicking materials that feel soft against your skin and allow you to breathe.

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Summer Shapewear: How to Stay Cool and Confident in Warm Weather

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Keep Your Options Open - Our last tip for staying cool and confident on hot days is to stock up on all the summer shapewear styles you'll need. Be ready for any outfit with our wide variety of shapes and designs that will suit your ever-changing summer outfit needs.

Waist cinchers, bodysuits and even butt-lifting shorts are just a few of the possible pieces for your specific shapewear need. Stay confident and stay prepared by stocking up for the summer with body shapers in unique styles that come in a wide spectrum of compression options. Bring on the long summer nights!

To summarize, fabric is everything, and so is a great design made with your needs in mind. If you're looking to wear shapewear this hot summer season, be sure you're wearing products made with breathable fabrics and easy-to-put-on styles that you'll forget you're even wearing. 

Play with different levels of compression to find what you're most comfortable with. Now throw on that sexy dress and show up with confidence! 

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