Sweaty Solutions: How to Stop Sweat Under Your Breasts

It doesn't matter whether it's a sweltering summer day or a cold winter day, women can break a sweat under their breasts any time of the year. You can get boob sweat beneath a breathable workout bra or boob sweat beneath layers of clothes as you go walking on a winter day. Many women also experience sweat under the breasts simply due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, nursing and menopause. So it goes without saying that breast sweat is perfectly normal, generally harmless and even quite common. However, it's still not something women love. So if you want to get it under control, here is how to stop sweat under your breasts.

Common Issues with Breast Sweat

While we mention that sweat under your breasts is generally harmless, it's important to know some common issues that can arise. Sweat isn't just embarrassing. It can also cause medical problems. At the very least, sweat under your breasts can cause irritating rashes. Worse still, these warm and moist under-breast areas can breed bacteria, causing infections such as candidiasis and even ringworm. So now that we have your attention and you realize there's much more at stake here, let's explore some solutions to boob sweat.

How to Stop Sweat Under Breasts

1. Wear the Right Bra Style

Before putting on a bra for the day, choose a bra that works best for whatever you have planned. Full-support and t-shirt bras are great for everyday wear because they lift the breasts, instead of squeezing them against your upper torso where sweat accumulates. Sports bras are comfortable and great for working out, but it's best to change out of your sports bra into a new bra right after exercising.

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2. Choose Organic Fabrics

If you sweat consistently, you may even need to avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon. Instead, you should aim for more natural and organic fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. Organic bamboo, in particular, can keep you feeling cool and fresh all day long. Fortunately, many of Leonisa's bras offer moisture-wicking abilities and lots of breathability through advanced fabric technology.

3. Wear Loose Fit Tops

Over your bra, a loose top is best. Loose-fitting, relaxed tops, such as blouses, T-shirts and dresses, can keep you cool on warm days. And if you choose tops made from breathable and moisture-wicking organic fabrics, all the better!

4. Aim for Dark Colors

Just like you can see pit stains on a bright white shirt, you can see wet areas beneath your breasts. So, if you tend to sweat beneath the boobs, consider wearing relaxed and dark-colored tops. When you wear dark colors and black tops, it nearly camouflages any otherwise noticeable wet marks.

5. Apply Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant is not just for underarms. It works under your tatas, too! It might be okay to apply your everyday deodorant, so long as it has a sweat-blocking antiperspirant. You could also use an anti-chafing powder, but it's safe to say you should avoid lubricants and jellies that will only make the area feel more moist and sticky.

6. Dab Up Sweat with Wipes

Another alternative to antiperspirants are wipes. You can use gentle baby wipes or alcohol-based wipes to dab up sweat under the breasts. There are even deodorant wipes that can be applied before you even break a sweat. Wherever you are, be prepared for boob-related sweat emergencies and carry a bag of wipes in your gym bag or purse.

7. Give Your Breasts Some Freedom

Give your breasts some breathing room. Bras offer our breasts support for everyday activities, but we don't need to wear them all the time. During downtime after you've showered, go braless! Give your boobs free reign under a loose fitted T-shirt shirt or cozy robe-trust us, they'll be thankful!

8. Get Botox Injections

All women have sweaty breasts on occasion or at least after a workout. However, some women experience more severe sweat issues. While it may seem like a radical solution for something that's just normal bodily fluid, botox can be an effective treatment. Botox injections essentially block the nerve signals that induce sweat. In fact, botox is already an FDA-approved remedy for excessive perspiration. So if you experience excessive perspiration, talk to your doctor to better understand what might be the cause and discuss a few options.

Keep Your Bras Clean

If you frequently sweat under your breasts, make sure to take extra care in cleaning your bras properly. To prolong the life of your bras, or any other undergarment your breasts might sweat on, always hand wash in a lingerie laundry bag and hang to air dry.

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