Best Swimsuits for Short Torsos

Best Swimsuits for Short Torsos

Shopping for a short torso can be tough, and this is doubly true when it comes to swimsuits. If you need a little guidance, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we walk you through what to buy - and what to avoid - when shopping for the best swimsuits for short torsos.


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Swimsuits for Short Torsos: What to Wear

High-cut and low-cut bottoms

Yes, these names sound like they should be the opposite, but they're both equally flattering on short torsos. High-cut bikini bottoms are lower in the middle and higher on the sides, creating a V or U shape that lengthens your stomach. Low-cut bottoms are cut straight across and hit right at the top of the hip bone, which also makes your torso look longer than a higher-waisted bottom.

V-necks (and patterns)

V-necks are not only super flattering but they also visually lengthen your neck and torso (not to mention tastefully show off your cleavage). Whether you're searching for a bikini top or a one-piece, keep your eye out for a V-neck silhouette. V-shaped patterns are also very flattering, so look out for those as well.

Best Swimsuits for Short Torsos

Strapless bikini tops

If you want to draw attention to your shoulders and collarbone, a strapless bikini top is the perfect way to show them off. Basically, you want to expose as much skin as you're comfortable with to really create that elongated look. FYI: Strapless tops are usually best suited to those with smaller chests, as they can sometimes slide around if you're very busty. In that case, opt for a V-neck halter top swimsuit with straps instead!

Solid colors and vertical stripes

It's no fashion secret that solid colors (especially dark ones) and vertical stripes make you appear longer and thinner, and this is true for swimsuits as well as regular garments. Yes, patterns are super fun, but they also tend to make you look shorter and wider - not ideal for those of you with short torsos. Instead, try to prioritize black, navy and vertical stripes when shopping for the best swimsuits for short torsos.

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Swimsuits for Short Torsos: What to Avoid

Longline bikini tops

Longline bras and bikinis are popular for a reason: the thicker bands lay flatter, keeps them in place and shortens your stomach. For people with very elongated torsos, that last aspect is a plus, but if you have a short torso, it's kind of a drawback. Look for bikinis that have shorter bottom bands, one to two inches wide. That will be thick enough to hold the top in place, but not so long that it cuts into your torso visually.


Tankinis are basically tank tops that can be worn to swim, and they tend to visually shorten your torso - especially if you pair a printed tankini with a solid-colored bottom. If you prefer coverage on your stomach, consider a one-piece swimsuit in a flattering silhouette instead. If you really insist on a tankini, get one in the same solid color as your bottoms and look for a V-neck cut to help lengthen your upper body.

Best Swimsuits for Short Torsos

High-waisted bottoms

High-waisted bikini bottoms do cover the bottom of your tummy, helping to prevent a dreaded muffin top, but this retro swimsuit look can be a drawback if you're trying to visually lengthen your torso. High-waisted bottoms visually shorten it instead, making your torso appear smaller than it actually is. While we love high-waisted bikini bottoms, they're not the best choice for those of you with shorter torsos. Instead, opt for the high-cut and low-cut bottoms we talked about in the previous section.

High-neck tops

Similar to high-waisted bottoms, high-neck tops also visually shorten your torso. You know how wearing a turtleneck sweater makes your neck look shorter? High-neck bikini tops do the same, but for your whole torso, and the effect is only heightened if you pair them with high-waisted bottoms. Unfortunately, this is one trend best left to taller people with longer necks and torsos. Stick with strapless or deep V-neck bikini tops instead!

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