Swimwear made with recycled fishing nets changes the world (a little)

If you were to set out to change the world today, where would you start? We asked ourselves the same question, and we recently found the answer. We're going to change the world by doing what we do best, with a twist: we're making swimwear out of recycled fishing nets!

After being used for fishing, these nets end up drifting down to the ocean floor, polluting the water and negatively affecting the lives of thousands of marine animals. Luckily, groups have begun to undertake the enormous task of removing the ocean nets, processing them, and converting them into new fibers that can be used for just about anything. We decided to start using these fibers to create a new swimwear line that's made totally out of recycled fishing nets.

We now understand that, to change the world, we have to work together. We're stronger together than any one person could be. To make a difference in the world, you don't have to do anything extreme, and you don't have to do it yourself - just do what you can. A good way to start is to wear eco-friendly swimsuits like these: unique pieces you can feel good about showing off. Just by buying them, you're contributing to a noble cause, although you can also amplify your impact by talking to your friends! Tell them about the fishing nets, and about the swimwear we made out of them. Help us to gradually clean up the seas, save animals, and change the world.

This is our way of jumping into action and making a difference. We invite you to join our cause, to give back to the ocean, to take care of this sacred resource. Take care of our home, our life, our planet. Change the world a little bit, in your own way, by wearing our eco-friendly, recycled swimwear.

What small steps have you taken lately to change the world? Leave us a comment down below.

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