5 Types of Underwear for Jeans

You want to look incredible in your favorite pair of jeans, and your underwear can play a key role. Ask any woman about wearing the wrong panties, and she’ll tell you that it can be quite uncomfortable. At Leonisa, we feel it’s important to think of panties as the foundation for building a great wardrobe. Before you put on that sexy denim, check out our tips on the ideal women’s underwear for jeans.

1. The Thong

Our thong panties are not only sexy, but also very comfy and will help you avoid the dreaded visible panty lines. The thong is excellent for daily wear, especially under a pair of great-fitting jeans. If you enjoy wearing curve-hugging denim, you’ll look sensational by choosing an “invisible” thong underneath.

seamless shaper cheeky panty

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Thong panties come in a variety of smooth fabrics. They are available in a range of styles, like the low-rise thong with lacy details or the high-waisted satin detail shaping thong. Or how about a three-pack of invisible G-string thong panties?

2. The Butt-Lifter

Here’s another lovely choice when choosing undies for your jeans. Our butt-lifter panties have become popular among celebrities and noncelebrities. These undies give you a beautiful boost that will enhance the shape and size of your behind. Our butt-lifter panty is available in a variety of styles and will maximize the look of your favorite jeans.

Our butt-lifter panty comes in a boy short style for fab comfort. We also offer a shaper panty with a back seam thong effect. If you’re concerned about tummy control, another option is the butt-lifter panty in a high waist or high-cut design.

A little padding, compression and the perfect lift engineered in a soft, smooth fabric make the butt-lifter panty an awesome choice.

3. The Cheeky Hipster

If you want just a little more coverage than a thong, our cheeky and hipster panties are a fine choice under jeans. The cheeky panty is a classic and ideal under a variety of outfits for any occasion. You will still get that smooth and seamless effect and look great in your clothing from any angle.

cheeky and hipster panties

Our cheeky panties can be found in many colors with lace details and a ruched seam at the center back for a nice butt lift. Or how about a cheeky panty in a low-rise, semi-low-rise or high-waisted style? We also have a seamless shaper cheeky panty made of our DuraFit® fabric for firm compression if you want a sculpted look. Cheeky panties in every style create a sleek and fantastic look under jeans!

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4. The Bikini

Bikini underwear is iconic, super comfy, simple and ideal under jeans. It is another classic that will never go out of style. Our bikini underwear goes great with tight-fitting jeans because it allows for movement and stretch. You can also try our no-ride-up seamless bikini panty in soft stretch DuraFit® fabric. These feature a laser-cut edge that lays flat against the body and prevents unwanted panty lines.

5. The Boyshort

When wearing jeans, your underwear can make or break your look. A pair of boy short panties made of moisture-wicking, soft compression fabric in a high-waisted style can offer benefits. The benefits of boyshort panties are that they offer full coverage all-over and are comfortable.

butt lifter panties

Empowering Women To Feel and Look Their Best

If you love expressing your unique personality through clothes, from your jeans to the other elements of your fancy outfits, you'll also want to wear underwear that highlights the best of you. At Leonisa, we focus on garments made of high-quality fabrics that enhance your figure and are comfortable to wear. Leonisa wants you to be the best version of yourself. Our lingerie brand brings passion and precision to every piece we create.

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