What does it mean to be a Limited Edition?

What is a Limited Edition? To put it simply, a limited edition is something rare, something elusive, something totally unique.

Sound familiar?

You're unique, and you were put on this earth for a unique purpose. What that purpose is, only you know, and you can only find it by looking within. Sit for a few seconds and think about this. Try to feel your deepest truth. Because there, in your most profound depths, is where the answer lies. Finding the path to this truth - a process commonly referred to as "self-discovery" - isn't easy, but it is rewarding. Sometimes the true pleasure is in the journey itself.

Whatever your truth is, you alone have it within you. That gives you an important purpose: share your truth with everyone! There's something within you that the world needs, so let it out! This is your call to embrace what makes you, you - and to tell everyone about your awesomeness.

For you to exist in this moment, as a totally unique being, is a miracle in and of itself. There are more than 7 billion people in the world, but there's only one like you. Think about it - so many forces in the universe combined so that you can be here today, right here, right now. There's something magical about it, right? You're the result of an extraordinary combination of millions of factors.

Have you undertaken a journey of self-discovery? What makes you unique? Tell us below.


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