What Is a Contour Bra?

Today, women have a wide selection of different styles of bras from which to choose. There are so many options that some styles and names tend to blur into one another, causing confusion and, admittedly, frustration. 

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One such confusion is the contour bra. The contour bra can often go by many names. For instance, it is also called a shaper bra. However, whatever name it's referred to, a contour bra offers specific design features that distinguish it from other bra styles.

So exactly what is a contour bra? And is a contour bra the same as a push-up bra?  Many women confuse the two, so that's why Leonisa is here to set the record straight. In this breakdown, we'll cover the defining differences of these popular styles and go over the many advantages of each. Plus, we'll focus on when to wear a contour bra. 

What Is a Contour Bra?

Contour bras and shaper bras help provide coverage and support. These bras will smooth around your underarms and back, so you don't have to worry about bra spillage. Sculptured contoured bras are typically lined, but you can find them designed with and without padding. Contour bras often have underwire, too, and most are able to retain shape while inside a lingerie drawer or hung in the closet.

What Is a Push-Up Bra?

Push-ups bras are usually designed to have foam pads inside each cup, adding a bit of lift to the bust area. Each pad, available in both sewn-in and removable versions, is also placed strategically along the sides so that it pushes the breasts closer together, creating a more flattering cleavage. To help with this extra lift, you'll find many push-up bras have supportive underwiring. Ultimately, a push-up bra can provide enough padding and lift to give you the appearance of larger breasts.

Contour Bra vs. Push-up Bra: The Main Difference

As you can see, both contour bras and push-up bras possess molded cups and usually an underwire. With thicker cups, both bra styles offer a certain level of modesty and prevent your nipples from showing. Choosing a seamless option makes them perfect for wearing beneath t-shirts and tight-fitted tops or bodycon dresses. However, how can you tell them apart? Overall, these two bra styles have one main difference-and it comes down to modesty.

Push-up bras typically have a narrow center gore and sometimes a plunging neckline. Combined with extra padding that lifts the breasts, a push-up bra is a bit, shall we say, revealing. On the other hand, contour bras generally offer more coverage, which provides a more modest look.

Contour bras are more intended to add a slight definition and subtle shaping, without the extra "oomph". If you seek a more modest style, whether it's under work attire or with an everyday ensemble, contour bras might be your go-to. However, for date nights and special occasions when you want to show the girls off, a push-up bra is your winner. Wear a push-up bra for a truly sensual, voluptuous look. 

When to Wear a Contour Bra

Due to their style and modest nature, contour bras work in particular situations and under particular garments. Here are a few tips on how and when to wear a contour bra.

  • Contour bras and shaper bras are wonderful styles for full-busted women. They offer just enough support and roundness without making breasts look too big and overflowing. Overall, a contour bra offers a more natural lift.
  • Wear a contour bra beneath everyday outfits for a smoother, rounded appearance. T-shirt contour bras are perfect for days when you need just a touch of support while lounging around the house.
  • Since contour bras offer light padding, they're perfect for wearing beneath, say, a thin silk blouse or tight T-shirt in winter, keeping the nips warm and shielding them from view.
  • Contour bras and shaper bras are also great for a more seamless look, hiding your bra cups' outline. T-shirt style contour bras are even more ideal. 
  • Most women have uneven breasts; however, some are more noticeable than others. Contour cups are a fantastic solution for women with uneven breasts and half-cup bra sizes, as the contour shape adjusts to your own unique contour. 

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Still Undecided?

Still not sure whether to get a contour bra or push-up bra? Reach out to one of Leonisa's personal shoppers for a virtual consultation. Our highly trained style confidants can steer you in the right direction, offering friendly advice and helpful tips so you can look your absolute best! 

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