13 Features to Look for to Find the Best Postpartum Shapewear

13 Features To Look For To Find the Best Postpartum Shapewear

Being a mom to a new baby is both an exciting and overwhelming journey that’s just as much physical as it is emotional. Your body has been through a profound transformation, and you may find that helping your body heal takes more than just eating right and exercising.

That’s why many women turn to postpartum shapewear. We want you to feel like you can be your best self in the postpartum period, and our products are designed to help you do just that. Here at Leonisa, we offer a variety of postpartum undergarments, including shapewear, nursing bras and ultra-comfy women’s panties, to give new moms the extra support they need.

What Is Postpartum Shapewear?

Postpartum shapewear, also known as postnatal or post-pregnancy shapewear, is a type of undergarment designed to provide extra support and coverage for moms recovering from pregnancy and delivery. It’s made with soft, comfortable fabrics that gently compress your body as you heal.

Benefits of Postpartum Shapewear

Each mom’s experience is unique, but most will benefit from wearing postpartum shapewear. The best shapewear for postpartum moms will offer the following benefits and more:

Faster Recovery

The right shapewear may speed up recovery time after a vaginal birth or a C-section. One reason is that our advanced materials can protect your incision or perineal area from rubbing and chafing. This reduces the odds of irritation and infection, both of which can slow down your healing process.

Pregnancy hormones can weaken your core muscles and stretch your skin more easily. Wearing postpartum shapewear gives your skin a chance to recover from the stretching and return to its usual form while providing the gentle pressure your core needs to heal.

Reduced Pain

Moms often experience back and abdominal pain after birth due to weakened abdominal muscles. Postpartum shapewear can help reduce these aches and pains by providing extra back, abdominal and pelvic support.

Boosted Confidence

Nothing can undermine your confidence like feeling uncomfortable in your own body. By smoothing out your silhouette, postpartum shapewear makes it easier for you to wear your favorite clothes again. Many moms feel more confident and comfortable when they see the difference shapewear makes in their appearance.

Benefits of Postpartum Shapewear

What To Look For in Postpartum Shapewear

Not all postpartum shapewear is created equal. You deserve the best, and here at Leonisa, that’s exactly what we offer. Here are 13 features to look for when you’re shopping to maximize the benefits of postpartum shapewear.

1. Firm Compression

The best shapewear for postpartum use has a firm compression that supports your core without feeling too tight. The compression should target areas that need it most, such as your tummy, and not the areas you don’t want to be compressed, such as your bottom.

A thicker fabric is generally better at providing the right compression. Leonisa’s postpartum shapewear pieces are made with multiple layers of high-quality material to provide maximum support. Our PowerSlim® front panel offers extra compression for your tummy and waist to help you get the most out of our shapewear.

2. Adjustable Velcro

Adjustable Velco closures allow you to customize the fit. This makes it easier to accommodate changes in your body during recovery without sacrificing comfort.

Leonisa’s postpartum shapewear pieces have Velcro on the sides for a customized fit. You can choose your own compression level by adjusting the front panel as needed to ensure you always have the support you need.

3. Incision Protection

If you’ve had a C-section, look for shapewear that’s specifically designed to protect C-section incisions. The right shapewear option won’t hurt your skin, nor will it contain anything that could get caught on your incision.

Often, this means a high-waisted panty without hooks or zippers. You can find these features and more in Leonisa’s shapewear for postpartum women. Our pieces are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident as you recover from your C-section.

4. Invisible Under Clothes

The best shapewear for postpartum women will do its job without giving away your secret. Look for a seamless design free of bulky tags or logos so your shapewear will be invisible even under tight-fitting clothes.

When you shop Leonisa’s postpartum shapewear collection, you’ll find a high-performance elastic waistband and leg bands that stay in place without creating a visible line. As a result, you can wear your old favorites again to work, the grocery store, or wherever else postpartum life takes you without showing your shapewear. It’s just one more way to start feeling like yourself again.

5. Equally Stretchy and Supportive

Your shapewear should move with you, not against you. No matter how much stretching, bending or running around you do during the day, the best shapewear should stay in place and maintain its shape without restricting your movement.

Leonisa’s shapewear promotes both flexibility and structure. It’s a unique blend of polyamide (a structured material) and elastane (a stretchy material) that provides just the right combination of comfort and support. And because the fabric is breathable and lightweight, our shapewear won’t weigh you down or give you that clammy feeling.

6. High-waisted Support

High-waisted pieces are often the best choice for postpartum shapewear. This type of fit comfortably sculpts your waist and mid-to-low back, helping you feel secure and supported, especially when you’re bending, lifting and carrying your bundle of joy.

Transitioning into motherhood is a journey, and Leonisa’s shapewear is here to support you every step of the way. Our PowerSlim® high-waisted pieces are designed to fit snugly against your body and won’t dig in or create any uncomfortable bulges.

7. Straps

Even the most well-made postpartum shapewear pieces can succumb to roll-down from time to time. If you don’t want to worry about tugging your shapewear back into place throughout the day, look for pieces with built-in straps. We offer this style in a range of compression levels and closure styles. When paired with our selection of cutting-edge nursing bras, you’ll have the support you need to tackle whatever the day throws your way.

clip bra

8. Cotton-lined Gusset

Nobody likes itchy undergarments, least of all postpartum women. You’re already dealing with enough discomfort, so your postpartum shapewear should include a cotton-lined gusset for extra softness and breathability.

Leonisa’s shapewear pieces feature a cotton-lined gusset that feels oh-so-gentle against your skin. Not only does this help you avoid unnecessary irritation, but it also keeps you cool and dry on the hottest days. That’s the kind of comfort you deserve.

9. Wide-size Range

Postpartum women come in all shapes and sizes, and your shapewear of choice should reflect that. Look for shapewear that comes in a wide range of sizes so that you’re never limited in your choices, even if your size changes down the line.

It’s easy to find the best-fitting piece of shapewear with Leonisa. We offer postpartum shapewear in sizes XS to 3XL, so you can be sure to find the right size for your changing body. You can find helpful size charts and product reviews on every product page of our website, which means you can make your purchase knowing that your shapewear will fit just right. And as always, we’re here to help!

10. Budget-friendly Pricing

You’ve already had to invest in a lot of baby-related items, and you don’t need to break the bank for the best postpartum shapewear. The right pieces should fit your budget and your lifestyle without sacrificing quality.

Our shapewear is available at wallet-friendly prices that offer the optimal balance of quality and value. We also offer free returns, so you can stock up on all of your postpartum shapewear necessities worry-free. And with frequent sales on all our shapewear items, snagging a great deal is nearly guaranteed.

11. Durability

What use is affordability without durability? The last thing you want is for your shapewear to lose its shape or take on an unflattering fit after just a few wears. That’s why it’s important to look for shapewear designed to last through all of motherhood’s ups and downs.

Leonisa’s shapewear pieces are made with long-lasting materials and meticulous craftsmanship that won’t let you down. Our fabrics are designed to stay strong and keep their shape, no matter how much you move or wear them. We invest in cutting-edge technology and vertical integration, allowing us to control every step of our manufacturing process.

12. Multiple Color Options

If there’s anyone who deserves to feel their best in their undergarments, it’s you! For an extra boost of confidence, choose shapewear that’s available in multiple colors. This way, you can coordinate your shapewear with the rest of your outfit for a seamless look.

Our postpartum shapewear comes in two practical colors: classic black and nude. Both colors coordinate flawlessly with our high-tech clip-cup nursing bra and other pieces. Choose the color that works best for you, and get ready to take on your day with ease and style.

13. Customer Support

When it comes to shapewear, it’s not just what you buy but where you buy it from that matters. Nobody knows your postpartum needs better than you. That doesn’t mean you should have to shop for shapewear alone. It’s important to get your shapewear from a company dedicated to helping you make the best decisions for your unique postpartum body and lifestyle.

At Leonisa, we’re here for you every step of the way in your purchasing decision and beyond. We offer friendly customer support six days a week to help you choose the right shapewear pieces, answer any questions and ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. And if you need help after you receive the product, our customer support representatives are just a phone call or email away.


Postpartum shapewear should be comfortable, supportive and durable — and Leonisa’s shapewear pieces have it all. With top-quality materials, thoughtful designs and inclusive sizing, you can trust that Leonisa has the perfect postpartum shapewear option for your body. Shop our shapewear today and start reaping the benefits of wearing the right postpartum garments. Your body and confidence will thank you!

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