9 Best Shapewear for Women

9 Best Shapewear for Women

Do you need a little something to boost your confidence or maybe improve your posture? If you do, then body shapers for women are your new secret weapon. And the best part is that there are a variety of shapewear options to try out to sculpt your body into its ideal shape.

To help you find the best shapewear, we have prepared a detailed review of the best shapewear solutions for women that will help achieve your desired look instantly. There are three main target areas for shapewear.

Upper Body Shapewear

1. Contour Bra

If you need a bra that raises and fills out your bust, you are looking for a contour bra. This type of bra has an underwire to lift your breasts and contour cups to give you a fuller bust. The most important feature is the full coverage in the back and on the sides for smoothing. This bra is perfect for everyday wear.

2. Long-Line Bra

A long-line bra has a band that extends anywhere in length past your torso. Some can look similar to a bodice top because they stretch from the bust area to the waist or navel. The band is used to shape your upper body by slimming your waist and lifting your bust. Long-line bras tend to fit very tightly because they have hooks that fasten at the back. At Leonisa, we offer long-line bras that vary in length to ensure that you are getting the right fit for your needs.

3. Shaping Camisole/Corselet

A shaping camisole is perfect for you if you are only interested in shapewear that sculpts your upper body. A shaping camisole or a shaping tank top has a powerful fabric that stretches from the bust area to the tummy and waistline. This means that a shaping camisole can also act as a bra.

However, if you would rather wear a bra, you can wear the shaping camisole over your bra. As a result, the shaping camisole will cover up any visible bra seams, creating a smoother line beneath your clothing.

Lower Body Shapewear

4. Full Body Shaper

The full-body shaper is excellent for providing you with the coveted hourglass figure. The body shaper is a shapewear piece for women that shapes your bottom area with higher coverage on the back and eliminates any bumpiness around your tummy area to give you a smooth flat tummy look.

If your bra size is hard to find in a body shaper, we recommend an open-busted body suit for more convenience. Also, if you plan on wearing an outfit with a low-cut neckline, we recommend wearing the cupless body suit to pair it with a plunge bra to create an amazing silhouette for your look.

5. Shaping Briefs

Shaping briefs are knickers that come up higher on your torso area. How high the shaping briefs go depends on your preference. For instance, shaping briefs reach just below the belly button to help hold your lower tummy in place for a smoother look.

If you are targeting more than just the lower tummy, however, you can use shaping briefs that go all the way up to your ribcage or bra line. Briefs that rise to your ribcage have clips you can attach to your bra to ensure the shaping briefs do not roll down and form awkward folds or bumps underneath your clothes.

6. Shaping Shorts

Shaping shorts not only shape your hips and flattens your lower tummy, but they also provide comfort. Just like shaping briefs, shaping shorts have an extended high waistline designed to smooth your ribcage, waist area, and tummy.

On top of that, shaping shorts are perfect for slimming your thighs to give you a runway model silhouette. Also, in case you suffer from thigh chafe during warm weather, shaping shorts can help offer some relief by preventing your thighs from rubbing together.

Additionally, we recommend shaping shorts if you are planning to wear a tight-fitting outfit to flatten your stomach and eliminate any visible panty lines, especially if you are not a fan of thongs.

7. Shaping Slips

Shaping slips offer a skort style where the inner shorts shape your thighs, prevent your thighs from rubbing and gift your butt a lift. It also has an open bust that allows you to wear your own bra. This piece is perfect to wear with all of your favorite dresses!

Tummy Shapewear

8. Waist Cincher

If you want to flatten your tummy and look glorious in that new dress you bought, you need a waist cincher. A waist cincher pulls in your tummy, making your waistline appear several inches smaller. The waist cincher may have a zipper or hooks and eyes to make it more adjustable to your size. Some waist cinchers also have a boning structure to provide a smooth curvy silhouette.

A waist cincher starts under the bust and extends to the waist or hips. Additionally, you can wear your waist cincher on top of your clothes as a fashion statement while maintaining a great shape.

9. Butt Lifters

Butt lifters are panties that can help sculpt and lift your booty. Some come with removable pads and others lift your butt by using microfiber cutouts and specialty bands. You can find designs that sit at your mid-lower tummy or directly under your bust to fit your specific needs.

Benefits of Shapewear

Benefits of Shapewear for Women

If you have been thinking about wearing body shapers to improve your silhouette and upgrade your look, this is your sign to go ahead and get the best body shapewear you can afford. Here are some of the ways that shapewear will benefit you.

Improves Abdominal Muscles and Posture

In addition to giving you a more attractive figure, shapewear can provide support to your back, thereby relieving your abdominal muscles and improving your posture. This is because all shapewear is elastic, which allows it to provide better compression and support. As a result, your body becomes more firm and straight, alleviating pain in the lumbar area and lower back. Also, your sitting and walking postures become more upright.

Upgrades Overall Look

Whether you are dressing for a party, a casual event, or a corporate meeting, shapewear can help to transform your entire look and increase your confidence. Body shapers contour your body by helping you adjust your hips, bust, waist, and thighs, thereby helping you achieve your best look when heading to important events such as your wedding.

Provides Age Benefits

As you grow older, things like your posture and shape may begin to change. However, body shapers allow you to still look amazing as you grow older by providing more support to your body and preventing the following issues from affecting your style and appearance:

  • Humpback
  • Turnip leg
  • Flat hip
  • Flat bosom

Additionally, women who suffer from a prolapsed bladder can benefit from shapewear because it offers slight lift and support.

Offers Post-Partum Care

If you are a new mum, you have probably figured out that bouncing back in shape is not as easy as you thought. Wearing shapewear as you go about your motherly duties can do wonders for your waistline in a few months, provided you wear it for at least four hours every day.

Get Shapewear for Women Today

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