The Best Bathing Suits for Different Body Types

The Best Bathing Suits for Different Body Types

Finding the right swimwear for women can be quite a challenge. Just as women are beautiful and diverse, swimwear has a wide range of styles designed to accentuate and highlight their assets. Thankfully, no matter what type of body shape you have, there are enough slimming swimsuits to address each area and accentuate each asset. Consider some of the most distinct solutions of bathing suits for each body type.

1. Hourglass Figure

For many women, the hourglass figure is the most desired shape because it features feminine curves and symmetry. When you’re ready to show off your stunning shape, there are a few key tips you’ll want to consider as you choose the perfect swimsuit.

If you need more confidence in your hourglass figure, you might be tempted to hide it behind a lot of bulky fabrics. Resist the urge to hide under large mumus or caftans. Highlight your stunning waistline and curves by looking for swimsuits that have details. Details like belts or ruching at the waistline can help you look even more “snatched” as they define the waist. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a one-piece or bikinis for women; you can draw attention to your incredible waistline in specific ways.

While you wouldn’t wear a belt with a bikini, you’ll highlight the waist by wearing a high-waisted bottom with details such as ruching or a v-cut. When it comes to one-piece bathing suits, you can look for options that feature ruching, belts, and ties.

If you’re short in stature with an hourglass figure, consider a high-cut leg option to make you look longer. Brazilian-cut bottoms are especially flattering as they won’t create a harsh bikini line. The classic high-waisted bikini provides the chic “pin-up girl” aesthetic that channels beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe. Wearing a high-waisted bikini can also make your legs look longer as it supports your midsection. If you want to look more cinched, look for a high-waisted bottom that’s built with support and compression capabilities.

Highlight a full bust by wearing a sweetheart neckline. If you want to maintain control of how much support you get in the bust, consider wearing a halter top option that has adjustable straps. Halter tops offer the lift and security you’ll want when you have a fuller bust.

Swimsuits to highlight hourglass figures

2. Pear Shape

Finding the right swimsuit can be a challenge for anyone, and it can be just as daunting for those with a pear-shaped figure. The pear-shaped figure is characterized by a smaller bust and wider hips. However, with a few key tips, you can learn how to find a bathing suit that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

The first tip to keep in mind when shopping for a swimsuit is to bring attention to your bust. Instead of trying to hide it, you should focus on enhancing it. You can achieve this by wearing patterns and detailing on your bust, creating the illusion of a larger bust. Look for swimsuits with larger patterns or prints as well as embellishments such as ruffles, chains and jewels. These details add volume and provide more shape. If you prefer a clean silhouette, choose bikini tops with padding or a certain amount of structure. These will enhance your curves and balance out your figure.

Another important tip is to choose low-coverage bottoms or skirted bottoms. These types of bottoms are ideal for creating a clean look that doesn’t add volume to your lower body. Low-coverage bottoms (such as a cheeky style) help provide more definition to your waist without adding extra fabric that could make you look larger than you are. When it comes to color, keep in mind that darker shades tend to make you look slimmer.For this reason, it’s best to use brighter colors on top to make your bust look larger. Mixing and matching your swimsuit pieces can even be a great way to flatter your figure.

For the bottoms, look for darker shades like black or dark blue, to add visual symmetry to your curves. You can also experiment with different cuts and styles, such as high-waisted bottoms or boy shorts, to find the perfect fit for your figure.

Woman with hourglass body wearing orange one-piece swimsuit

3. Apple Shape

Individuals with apple-shaped figures tend to carry weight around their midsection, and it is not uncommon for them to have a larger bust. While it may be tempting to cover up a larger midsection, there are numerous key tricks and tips you can use to camouflage certain areas while accentuating the features that make you feel great.

The first trick is to use ruching and draping to your benefit. When looking for one-piece options, look for ruching at the midsection. Ruching at the waistline creates a slimming effect, accentuates your curves, and defines your waistline. Panels are an excellent option to place over your midsection area because they provide a suction effect that makes your waist look smaller.

Adding some coverage to your midsection is OK by wearing options like tankinis. Tankinis can be extremely flattering when paired with the right colors and details. For example, use color to your advantage. Darker-colored tankinis provide a clean line as opposed to lots of patterns and bright colors. When shopping for tankinis, look for options that already come with a built-in bra. This will help you look and feel supported. Adjustable straps are also important so that you can adjust the height you’re looking for in the bust area.

You could also try swimwear with built-in shapewear. If your tummy is a concern for you, try a swimsuit with tummy control, which usually comes in one-piece or high-waisted styles. They provide the support and definition that you’re looking for without looking bulky. Make sure that when you’re looking for high-waisted bottoms, you invest in options that have supportive fabric so you can feel comfortable when you’re in the pool or relaxing poolside.

Remember, it’s all about creating a balanced, proportionate look that makes you feel your best. Try different styles and colors until you find the ideal fit for your body type.

4. Athletic Build

If you have an athletic build, it is usually characterized by having a straight shape, often referred to as a rectangle shape. With this body type, you naturally have contours that you may want to emphasize.

When wearing a swimsuit, you may want to create the illusion of curves, and the key to achieving this is by using details to your advantage. To create the look of curves, you can opt for ruffles, fringe and jewels as they’ll work in your favor. Bold prints and patterns can also add a visual dimension to your silhouette.

Woman wearing a black one piece swimsuit

When it comes to your bust area, padding and ruching can do wonders. Look for top options that have a built-in cup or padding to create defined details, making you appear curvier than you actually are. When searching for bikinis, look for pieces that can be customized to your body. Tie-side bottoms, for example, allow you to adjust the fit to your frame. High-cut bottoms can give you the hourglass look that you might be looking for.

Avoid adding more material, as it can only make you look bigger. The key to creating the illusion of curves while highlighting the beauty of your athletic build is to have defined tops and clear-cut bottoms. This will help you achieve the look of curves that you desire.

5. Full Bust

If you have a larger bust, but not an apple shape, you may have an inverted triangle shape, which means you need to approach swimwear differently.

The key is to combine support and style while feeling confident and beautiful. To start, prioritize support. There’s nothing worse than feeling sloppy and unsupported when you’re in a bathing suit. Wearing swimwear with a supportive top is just as important as wearing a supportive bra in your day-to-day life. Look for swimsuits that have built-in cups to provide the necessary support.

If you don’t want to wear an underwire, you don’t have to. Instead, you can find other ways to support your bust, such as halter options. Halter tops are adjustable, which means you can create your perfect fit and support. If you want your bust to look higher up on your body, a halter top can help create the necessary adjustments. On the other hand, if you want them to hang lower, a halter top lets you do that, too. They're perfectly customizable!

When you have a full bust, wearing wide straps is crucial. Wide straps help distribute the weight of your fuller bust and prevent discomfort when the strap digs into your skin. You don’t want to come out of the pool feeling uncomfortable because of the weight that’s digging into your back or shoulders. It’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of the support should come from the underbust band, not from the straps.

One thing you should avoid with a larger bust is the bandeau top. Even though they may look fun because they’re strapless, they typically don’t provide the support you’ll need. As you search for a fashion-forward look at the beach or pool, remember that support and functionality are important. A bandeau top will not give you that, so if you have a full bust, avoid bandeau tops at all costs.

6. Small Bust

Woman in profile wearing black one piece swimsuit

Enhancing and flattering small busts is the key to finding the perfect swimsuit. Two versatile options that can achieve this are triangle tops and bandeau tops. Both options offer comfort and style, allowing you to look and feel your best.

Triangle tops are simple yet chic, providing subtle coverage while accentuating your natural curves. Their triangular shape creates the illusion of volume, making them a great option for those looking to add a touch of femininity to their beach look. With adjustable straps, you can customize the support and achieve the perfect fit.

Alternatively, bandeau tops offer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Their strapless design highlights the shoulders and collarbone, drawing attention to the upper body. It’s crucial to select the style that makes you feel comfortable. Whether you prefer the classic allure of triangle tops or the understated glamor of bandeau tops, embrace your small bust and celebrate your unique shape by selecting swimsuits that highlight your best features and reflect your style.

Making the Right Choice

There are so many factors to consider when searching for a bathing suit. Additionally, in various seasons of your life, you may carry weight differently, so don't be afraid to try something new. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know how confident it will make you feel! No matter your body shape, feeling your best is the most important part. At Leonisa, our team provides a range of options to help you feel your greatest as you highlight your favorite assets.