The Best Underwear for a Big Tummy

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The Best Underwear for a Big Tummy - Leonisa

Depending on your unique and beautiful body type, chances are you might have trouble finding a style of underwear that works best for you. Since there is definitely no single “normal” body type, it’s important to find the size, style and fit of women’s panties that work best for your specific figure. While there are broad body type categories that might help you create outfits that show off your best features and balance out your shape, the truth is you might identify with multiple body shapes or possibly none at all. That’s why you should use your own body as a guide to ensure great-fitting underwear for every occasion. 

Know Your Options

Before you purchase any new undies, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what’s out there in terms of underwear options. Between cotton briefs, stretchy boyshorts, lace thongs and everything in between, there are seemingly innumerable brands, styles and materials to choose from when shopping for underwear. Narrowing down your search is vital to making the underwear-buying process both efficient and successful. 

Leonisa is characterized not only by the excellent quality and durability of its garments but also by its benefits |qa, so you can count on each one of our underwear styles to live up to their descriptions. For example, if a certain pair of hip-hugging lace briefs claims to shape and contour the rear, you can rely on that garment to deliver those results time after time. In addition to smoothing and shaping panties for women, Leonisa offers an array of styles, cuts and sizes to help you get high-quality underwear in your most comfortable style for daily wear as well as special occasions. 

High Waisted Panties - Leonisa

For those with a big tummy, know that your best underwear options are not limited to full coverage styles or granny panties. You might be surprised to hear that styles with a high cut leg, high-waisted thongs and even “barely there” seamless panty styles can work wonders in terms of shape, smoothing power and comfort in the tummy area.

Consider Shapewear

While these underwear styles work wonderfully to smooth, shape and cover the tummy area for just about any occasion, there’s one more option worth noting. Women’s shapewear garments are also important when it comes to knowing how to hide a muffin top and a belly instantly. Of course, shaping the body isn’t always the end goal, in which case an alternate underwear option with more stretch and no compression might be the way to go! However, if you’re interested in trying shapewear for your tummy or are looking for more dramatic results, consider the shaping power of a shapewear garment that targets the belly area.


Firm Compression Body Shaper - Leonisa

Tummy-targeting shapewear styles like firm compression body shapers, shaper panties and shaper shorts can be worn as underwear beneath your clothing. These shapewear pieces are made with high-quality fabrics that are ready to perform and keep you comfortable throughout the day or night without rolling, bunching, riding up or creating lines or bumps underneath your clothes. Perhaps the most pinpointed tummy shapewear options are waist trainers and waist cinchers. These are typically worn along with a bra and underwear and can be worn underneath your clothes without being seen. If you’re looking for the most noticeable results in the tummy area, add a waist cincher to your underwear set. 

Things to Consider When Shopping for Underwear

When shopping for underwear that works well with a big tummy, keep your options open and don’t shy away from a certain style just because you’ve never worn it in the past. Go for the styles that make you feel good when you see yourself in the mirror. Getting to this point might involve trying a number of styles before you find your most fabulous fit, and that’s totally okay. Once you’re in a good shopping headspace, remember to keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • Intended Results: Whether your goal is to slim, smooth, contour or maximize comfort in the tummy area, you should decide on what’s most important to you in terms of results before you start looking for new underwear. You might want a style that offers firm compression and lots of tummy support, while others may seek undetectable wear beneath all types of clothing and lots of stretch. Whether your wishes reflect one of these or any number of the results or benefits associated with women’s underwear, Leonisa has high-quality options to transform your goals into reality. 

  • Key Materials and Fabrics - Leonisa
  • Key Materials and Fabrics: At Leonisa, we offer options when it comes to underwear fabrics. Our revolutionary materials aren’t just there to look good. Rather, they are designed to give you reliable results and last through much wearing and washing. If your tummy is your target area, you’ll love the DuraFit® fabric designed to smooth your silhouette and flatten your tummy using moderate compression within the design of the material. 

  • If you feel as though even more compression and support are ideal, go for panties that feature PowerSlim® firm compression fabric. This signature Leonisa material works hard to flatten the tummy and compress the waist region, making for a super-smooth and contoured look.

  • Additional Features and Benefits: While it’s absolutely okay to simply want a pair of underwear that works well for a big tummy, it’s possible that you might want (or just enjoy) an extra perk or two when it comes to what your underwear can offer. Women’s underwear styles with both moderate and firm compression levels work wonders for flattening the tummy and providing ample support in the tummy area. But did you know these shaping panties tend to have added features in addition to compression?

    One popular feature included in shaper panties is ruched or compressed seaming in the back, which gives you an instant, natural-looking booty lift. Some styles even feature a unique thong design to minimize extra fabric on the glutes and lift your rear from the middle. In addition to an instant butt lift, tummy-friendly underwear commonly includes other features and benefits like anti-roll fabric, invisible wear, a smoothed silhouette and an overall slimmed-down look. Know that you can find a style that offers exactly what you need...and then some!

  • Comfort Should Be Expected: Don’t think that just because a pair of underwear has added support or compression it will likely be uncomfortable. If sizing is correct, an underwear style with even a firm level of support should feel comfortable and secure. It shouldn’t cause bruising, lasting red marks on the skin, compromised circulation or extreme bulges. If any of these issues occur, try sizing up in that particular style to allow for a more comfortable fit.

    On the subject of comfort, sometimes a super-comfy pair of underwear is the only goal in order to keep you and your tummy looking and feeling good. Compression or added support might not be a necessary feature for some women when it comes to underwear for a big tummy. 

  • Unique Occasions: It’s possible that you may be new to finding underwear that works well with a big tummy because having a big tummy is new to you. The search for big tummy-compatible underwear might be a result of recent surgery, childbirth, weight gain or simply getting older and noticing a change in your overall weight distribution
  • Regardless of the reason, know that it’s easier than you think to find the underwear that’s right for you. Even if you are working towards a weight loss goal or don’t plan on having a big tummy forever, you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your underwear always. 

    The Best Underwear for a Big Tummy: Our Favorite Styles

    High Waisted Panties - Leonisa
  • High-Waisted Panties: Whether or not you’re looking for a pair of underwear with added compression or shaping capabilities, a high-waisted cut is ideal for a big tummy. High-waisted panties are great in this particular situation because they offer more coverage, specifically in the tummy area. These panties compress the upper, middle and lower abdomen and redistribute the skin in order to make the area look flat and slim. The waistband of these underwear styles rises higher towards the belly button, offering benefits like a bit of extra definition at your natural waistline and an overall balanced appearance. You might think about trying a few different high-waisted styles, including seamless or undetectable versions as well as a few with added support. 

  • Thong Shaper Panty - Leonisa
  • Thong Shaper Panty: Who says you have to wear full-coverage underwear to smooth and shape your tummy? The shaping power of a moderate compression thong panty made with DuraFit® fabric doesn’t skimp on taking care of business in the front, even though it’s a party in the back. This style provides the tummy area control you’re looking for with minimal coverage, which allows for a natural and seamless appearance from the back. 

  • Bikini Panties - Leonisa
  • Bikini Panties: Here is where the classic bikini underwear style meets highly sought-after tummy coverage. These panties are flattering on any body type and break up the tummy area with their high waistband and hip shaping design on the sides. You won’t compromise one bit on comfort with these lower tummy-covering and ultra-comfy panties. 

  • Unique Fabrics - Leonisa
  • Styles with Unique Fabrics: If you’ve been buying underwear that claims to target the tummy area for a while, you’ll know that there tends to be a lack of diversity in this particular category. Just because you want to wear the best underwear for your tummy size doesn’t mean you have to wear something boring. You can get the coverage and control you need for your tummy and also enjoy sexy lace, flirty mesh and other delicate materials. A lace brief turns up the heat in the back and around the waistline while a higher rise in the front gives you comfortable coverage in the tummy area. 

  • Underwear with flattering design - Leonisa
  • Underwear with Flattering Designs: Sometimes, the best way to create a super-flattering look is to trick the eye. Just as horizontal striped clothing defines the silhouette of the person wearing it, you can get a flattering look just by thoughtfully choosing a pair of underwear with a certain shape within the fabric. To get this tummy-flattering look, search for underwear that features an upward “V” shape within the panty itself. The result is a more defined and contoured look that rivals that of more minimal coverage styles that feature a high-cut leg. 

  • Whether or not you use shapewear to help smooth your tummy and define the curve of your waist, you can still find the best underwear for a big tummy at Leonisa. You can rely on us to provide high-quality underwear and shapewear options that you’ll love wearing.