How To Dress a Pear-shaped Body

How To Dress a Pear-shaped Body

How To Dress a Pear-shaped Body

Pear bodies, you’re gorgeous! You know that already, but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect outfit that will make you feel your absolute best. That’s why as a body contouring expert, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to pear-shaped fashion and how to dress a pear-shaped body.

As a leading provider of women’s shapewear, strapless bras, and everyday fashion, Leonisa knows a thing or two about dressing this body type. I want this guide to show you how to create the perfect wardrobe that emphasizes your curves and celebrates your shape.

What Is a Pear-shaped Body?

Generally speaking, if you’ve got a smaller upper body than your lower body, you probably have a pear-shaped figure. This means you can be petite, tall, athletic, plus-size and everything in between — a pear-shaped body can come in any size, height or weight.

Your pear-shaped silhouette most likely means that your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders. Pear-shaped ladies may also have a defined waist, which may cause some to confuse this body type with the hourglass shape. With the pear shape, the eye is usually drawn to the hips and thighs, whereas hourglass bodies often keep the eye focused on the waist.

Basic Principles of How to Dress a Pear-shaped Body

What’s great about the pear-shaped body type is that it’s super versatile in fashion. Clothes aren’t often designed with pear-shaped bodies in mind, but when you understand the basic principles of how to dress your figure, you can create a wardrobe that flatters your curves and celebrates your best assets.

At Leonisa, we want you to love your curves, so we’re not big on restrictive rules that force you to hide your shape. That’s why we only have two basic principles for pear-shaped fashion: balance and emphasis.

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Aim for Balance

Contrary to popular belief, balance isn’t about looking like an hourglass or making your curves disappear — it’s about looking like a more harmonious version of your pear-shaped self. Certain clothing styles can create a disjointed appearance, further emphasized by a wider hip or thigh area. You’ll want to find items that work with your silhouette, not against it.

While pear-shaped bodies often have a wider hip-to-shoulder ratio, that doesn’t mean you need to minimize your hips. Choose clothing items that neither over-accentuate nor hide your curves. Your aim should be to find pieces that create a cohesive look throughout your body.

Emphasize Your Best Features

Pear-shaped ladies have beautiful curves, so why not show them off? I believe in embracing your body type. That means accentuating the parts of you that make you feel beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to draw attention to your hips, waist or features that make you feel most confident. You can use clothing, accessories and everyday shapewear to create a look that celebrates your body’s best features.

What To Wear With a Pear Body Shape?

Keeping the above principles in mind, we’ve put together a few suggestions for dressing your pear-shaped figure. Remember, these are just guidelines — feel free to tailor them based on what makes you feel most confident.


Since pear-shaped bodies have a smaller upper body and fuller hips, you may want to look for tops that draw the eye upward. Fitted tops are great for showing off your waist and drawing attention to the upper half of your body. At the same time, structured shoulders and statement necklines can emphasize your bust.


V-necks and scoop necks are flattering on the pear body type because they help draw the eye toward your face. High necklines, boat necks and wide collars help emphasize your shoulders and upper body. Off-the-shoulder tops can also work well with this body type as they help broaden the shoulders’ appearance, adding balance to your overall look.


Aim for structure and volume in the shoulders. Puff, bell and cap sleeves will draw attention to your upper body — but don’t be afraid to rock a sleeveless top! While sleeveless tops can emphasize the smaller upper body, subtle details like ruffles and pleats can add the illusion of volume.


This is one area where you can play around with what looks good on you. Crop tops are great for pear-shaped figures because they show off your waist and draw attention to the upper half of your body.

Endless options exist for longer tops as well. Peplum tops and wrap tops help to emphasize the waist. In contrast, tunic and empire-waist tops create a longer line that can harmonize your figure.

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Since pear-shaped bodies have a wider hip and thigh area, look for bottoms that emphasize your waist and help even out the proportions.


High-waisted pants are especially flattering on pear-shaped figures since they nip in at the waist and highlight your natural curves. You can even look for pants with added details at the waist, such as pleats or darts.

As for style, aim for pants that move the eye toward the calves and ankle, as this will help create a longer leg line. Wide-leg trousers, bootcut jeans and flared pants will help to create an even silhouette. If you’re a skinny jeans kind of gal, look for a slightly more relaxed fit, and avoid overly tight styles, as these are likely to remove the balance from your look.


Pencil skirts and A-line styles are ideal for pear-shaped figures. Both styles create an even silhouette while still showing off your curves. You can opt for layered, wrapped and asymmetrical skirts. Keep in mind that they should nip in slightly at the waist for optimal flattery.


If you love wearing shorts in the summer months, look for styles that sit at your natural waist and are on the long side. This will help create an even line.

Try some mid-length or high-waisted styles in classic materials such as denim or linen, and you’ll be sure to turn heads. Details like pleats and pockets can add visual interest and help to draw the eye up.


Dresses are ultra-flattering on pear-shaped bodies, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Empire waist and wrap dresses work wonders for this body type as they cinch in at the waist and draw attention upward.

Structured sheath dresses with cut-outs at the waist or bold shoulder details can help to draw attention to your upper body. You can go for flared dresses, too, to create an even silhouette and further emphasize your curves.


For a swimsuit that flatters your pear-shaped figure, look for styles with ruffles or details on the top and an A-line silhouette on the bottom. High-waisted bikini bottoms with side shirring or an embellished waistband can help to draw the eye upward.

If you’re more partial to one-pieces, look for styles with deep plunge necklines and cut-outs at the waist. This will create the illusion of a longer torso and keep the eye moving.

When it comes to cover-ups, try a wrap dress or maxi skirt for maximum impact. Both will show off your curves and create an even line down the length of your body.


When it comes to activewear, look for tops and bottoms that have a slightly relaxed fit and move with your body. Aim for styles that have a mid-rise waist and draw attention to your upper body. Capri leggings and yoga pants are great since they help to even out your proportions.

Look for tops with ruching at the waist and racerback details to create flow and movement in your outfit. Structured sports bras, crop tops and tanks with bright colors can work to draw attention to your upper body.


For outerwear, search for jackets and coats that are slightly tailored at the waist. Structured pea coats, belted parkas and wrap jackets are all ideal for pear-shaped figures. If you’re looking to create a longer line, go for long coats with a slight A-line shape.

The mid-thigh length or lower is the most flattering for pear-shaped figures. For a bolder look, try an asymmetrical hemline, which will help draw the eye up.

Shoes and Accessories

Even the most simple of outfits can be elevated with the right accessories — and for a pear-shaped beauty, your choice of shoe or handbag can work wonders.

Wedges and kitten heels are great for adding height. And when it comes to handbags, opt for larger styles with longer strap lengths to draw attention upward. And when all else fails, you can always throw on a statement necklace and some bold earrings to help round out your look.

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If you’re looking for extra structure and harmony, shapewear, such as tummy control shapewear, can be your best friend. This type of undergarment is designed to smooth your figure, providing lift, support and control in all the right places. However, not all shapewear is created equal. The type of shapewear you choose should be tailored to your specific body type.

For example, high-waisted briefs or shorts can provide lift to your lower body and create an even line. Bodysuits with a slimming silhouette and compression panels can also help to further define your figure. And for special occasions, try a bustier with boning to create more definition in the waist.

Emphasize Your Natural Beauty

No matter your body type, you can be bold and trend-forward with your fashion choices. I want you to know that it’s all about knowing how to bring out the best in your figure. By taking advantage of styles and details that flatter your pear shape, you can emphasize your natural beauty — curves and all. These tips I’ve provided on how to dress a pear-shaped body are simply the beginning, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the looks that make you feel most confident. Happy styling!