Slimming Clothes for Apple Shapes: 9 Tips You Need To Try

Slimming Clothes for Apple Shapes: 9 Tips You Need To Try

Triangles, squares, circles — the fashion world has tried to use geometry to define the female figure, but to no avail. The familiar fruit shapes like apples and pears have become implanted in our imagination and society. That’s not a bad thing. Nature’s bounty is beautiful in all its various forms, and so are you! If you have an apple-shaped silhouette and are looking to flatter your curves while emphasizing your best features, here are nine tips for creating an outfit that will help you look and feel even more confident than ever.

Tip 1: Apple Body Shapes Explained

Apple-shaped figures share several physical characteristics, ranging from broad shoulders to narrow hips. One of the most identifying traits of an apple-shaped figure is fullness around the midsection. There’s no denying that when it comes to looking slim and trim, an undefined waistline presents challenges. Fortunately, many people with apple shapes also have features they want to accentuate, like great legs, slender arms and a full bust.

As an expert, I know that highlighting your considerable assets is one of the best ways to draw attention away from your waistline. You may want to focus on what you’ve got on top. It might sound a bit counterintuitive, but a high-qualityminimizer bra is a great place to start. A minimizer bra is designed to provide maximum support and showcases your curves.

Tip 2: Shapewear Strategies

What’s the best advice for anyone seeking slimming clothes for apple shapes? My opinion is to start with the foundation. It’s much easier to achieve the look you want when you wear the right shapewear underneath. 

Waist cinchers, shaper panties, muffin-top smoothers — our collection features an array of undergarments that help make your apple look more like an hourglass. At Leonisa, we specialize in comfortable shapewear, so you don’t have to worry about a too-tight fit. You’ll find body-shaping undergarments with different compression levels, so it’s easy to find the shapewear that best complements your figure while being comfortable to wear.

wear the right shapewear

Tip 3: Keep Everything in Proportion

Once you have laid the foundation for your new look with quality shapewear, it’s time to start building an outfit. That’s right, a whole get-up! A single article of clothing may look flattering on its own but not flattering when paired with certain outfits. You’ll enjoy better results if you shop for ensembles rather than individual pieces. 

Balance and proportion are the keywords to remember as you make your selections when searching for slimming clothes for apple shapes. The goal is to choose pieces that work together to make you look slimmer and feel more positive about your figure. Here are a few tactics you can use to reach your objective.

  • Keep your silhouette in mind as you shop, opting for pieces with clean, unobstructed lines around the midsection.
  • Use darker colors in areas you want to de-emphasize and lighter shades to draw attention to the features you want to accentuate.
  • Skip heavyweight fabrics in favor of lighter, structured materials, avoiding clothing that creates extra bulk around the waist.

Tip 4: Elongate the Look of Your Torso

Whether you are wearing a shirt, blouse or jacket, making the area between your shoulders and hips look longer starts from the neck down. Ideally, the neckline should pull the eye upward, away from the waistline. A wide V-neck or plunging neckline works well, if not too revealing. A good minimizer bra helps you pull off the look with confidence. Try an off-the-shoulder style for informal occasions or a sweetheart neckline for date night. You could also flaunt your assets with a strapless dress. The only necklines you may wish to avoid are tightly fitted styles that tend to make the waist look wider in contrast.

Pay attention to the top’s hemline, too. Steer clear of shirts or jackets that halt at the waistline. Instead, I recommend looking for pieces that end at or fall below the hip. Whatever style of top you prefer, check the fit. Blouses or shirts that hug your form too tightly can create folds and shadows that attract attention to your midsection. With comfortable shapewear underneath, you can relax and enjoy tops that flow loosely over your curves.

Tip 5: Use Detailing To Direct the Eye

Like a lace collar on a plain white blouse, detailing elevates the look of your clothing. It also commands attention. Embellishments draw the eye, directing the focus toward a specific area. The presence of details or their absence can make people see what you want them to see. That’s a powerful tool you can use to your advantage when looking for slimming clothes for apple shapes. The following detailing strategies are particularly effective:

  • Details on the hemlines of dresses, skirts and trousers draw the eye downwards, away from your midsection towards your legs.
  • Sleeves with details like ornamented cuffs, embroidery or flares accentuate the upper body, showcasing your best features.
  • Tops with bold details like large diagonal lines or oversized patterns do a remarkable job of concealing extra weight around the midriff.
closeup of a waist cincher

Tip 6: Dress To Impress

Dresses and skirts give women with apple shapes opportunities to show off their best features: killer legs! Why let overstrict rules and recommendations keep you from strutting your stuff? Yes, styles like the empire and wrap dresses distract the eye from an undefined waistline. However, those styles don’t mean you can’t look great in a more fitted design. A dress with a bit of drape or ruching below the bust line that flares out from your waist helps give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Tip 7: Outerwear Options

When it comes to wearing outerwear over an apple-shaped figure, I can’t express enough how jackets are a girl’s best friend. A stylish structured jacket with clean lines offers the perfect camouflage for a wide midsection. Don’t let the wrong style spoil the effect! Stay away from double-breasted designs that add unnecessary bulk. Check the buttons, too: The first should land right below the bustline. If you would rather wear a cardigan, keep it unbuttoned whenever possible to create a flattering silhouette.

As with jackets, coats look best with an apple shape when kept free of eye-distracting details. Instead, choose a coverup with long, flowing lines. A-lines and ponchos work well for a casual look, while straight coats add a clean-lined look for formal affairs. Coats with a softer fabric let you stay warm without adding too much volume.

Tip 8: Accessories Add the Finishing Touch

Wearing clothing with clean, simple lines that help slim your figure doesn’t have to feel boring. If you are concerned your attire isn’t fancy enough for the occasion, you can accessorize. I love to recommend using a colorful scarf or an eye-catching piece of jewelry to add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. The shoes you wear make a big difference, too. Statement shoes draw the eye downwards, so splurge on a pair (or two, or more!) that attracts attention.

Belts might not be the first thing you think of when looking for slimming clothing for apple shapes, but you can wear them, too! The right waist-defining shapewear for women can give you the confidence you need to wear them. Keep it subtle by choosing a medium-to-wide belt in a color that doesn’t contrast with the rest of your outfit. Whether wearing it with a dress, skirt or jacket, the belt’s role should be to accessorize, not be the star of the show.

minimizer bras

Tip 9: Putting It All Together

The shapewear you choose, every piece of clothing and the accessories you use to add the finishing touches should flatter your figure. Each item should also reflect your personal taste. It takes a bit of practice to assemble outfits that give you a cohesive put-together look while still allowing you to express your unique sense of style. Luckily, there’s a tool that’s likely near you right now that can help create a flattering look. What is it? It’s your smartphone! Use the camera to take selfies of your efforts. You’ll soon learn which strategies help you minimize your apple figure without changing the core of who you are.

Whether you’re as round as an apple or as straight as a ruler, it’s easier than you might think to change the look of your figure with slimming clothes. I know the process takes some time, but it’s well worth the effort. Learning how to use fashion to direct the eye is one of the most valuable things you’ll discover in your slimming journey. In the end, gaining control over how you present yourself to the world is the most important takeaway. At Leonisa, we are proud to offer products that help you become the woman you want to be!

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