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Personal Shopper


When it comes to choosing a girdle, each woman has a specific need.

It doesn't matter if you are curvy, lean,younger or older, what is true for all women is that e at some point they need to feel better about their bodies, whether that means highlighting the best of their curves or hiding what they do not like so much. Girdles are a quick solution that will help women achieve their goals.
It doesn't matter if you are curvy, lean,younger or older, what is true for all women is that e at some point they need to feel better about their bodies, whether that means highlighting the best of their curves or hiding what they do not like so much. Girdles are a quick solution that will help women achieve their goals.

I am going to share with you some data that we obtained from a virtual survey conducted by Leonisa, starting in 2020, with 500 women using our shapers.

One of the questions we asked was what is the the main reason women wear compression clothing, and these were the top answers:

  • When wearing compression garments, they feel better in the clothes they wear.
  • They feel that shapewears help them catch the attention of others: their self-esteem / confidence rises.
  • Shapewear helps them feel full faster when eating.
  • They feel that compression garments help them to lose weight and achieve a more enhanced figure.
With this data, we realized that each woman has a clear objective when wearing girdles and a specific need, but we noticed that there is something in common: this need is directly associated with the area of ​​the body that they want to improve, accentuate or control.

The need to wear a girdle is directly associated with the area of ​​the body you want to improve, accentuate or control.

For this reason, our team also asked during the survey which areas are the most important to control.

Here are my findings:

  • Approximately 7 out of 10 women seek to shape and style their abdomen and waist. There is no doubt that it is one of the areas where fat is most concentrated and rolls can be hard to get rid of or lead to insecurities. In addition, many women confirmed that they start to explore the world of shapewear after a pregnancy because it’s an easier way to help get their bodies back to what they looked like pre-pregnancy..

  • Another area most women want to slim is the hip area. If you are looking for a garment that makes you feel tighter and slimmer, then try the strong control girdles, designed by experts in the shapewear field.

  • And without a doubt, the back rolls are also a focal area. Generally, these rolls develop after wearing a very tight bra for years. If this is something you relate to, this can be largely avoided if you wear the correct bra size.

Keep in mind that your needs, the areas you want to control and how you feel when wearing shapewear will surely coincide with many other women. Remember the specific occasions when wearing a girdle is a good idea: a party, wedding, a special event or simply when you are going to wear tighter clothes.

Do you want to know about my relationship with the girdles?

I’ll confess that I feel a little insecure with my hips and thighs, I wish they were more toned. For this, I have 3 types of garments that I love and I cannot live without them, they are the best instant solution:

1. I love control shorts

These shorts are essential when I wear a loose skirt or dress. I feel more secure because I can move or sit quietly; I don't have to worry about a thing. I look skinnier and when it's hot my legs don’t rub together—, they truly are the best.

Control Slip

2. I have a light control slip

I like to wear light slips under my tight dresses or clothing made from thin fabric. My stomach looks flatter and the cellulite on my legs is hidden. In addition, this slip is a life-saver when I wear very transparent white linen, so my underwear does not show

Control Slip

3. I love to wear control leggings

Usually, when I’m at work I spend all day standing in one of our Leonisa stores, and these leggings allow me to be stylish while also improving my circulation . I especially recommend them if you are going to wear white pants or very tight / slim ones.

Control Slip

I don't know how much you like shapewear, but I am sure this article will help you find the perfect garment for you— one that suits your figure and needs.

Learn more about the best shapewear pieces for enhancing your figure at Leonisa. You can use these garments either on a daily basis or for those occasions when you especially want to highlight the best of your body a little bit of help.

Panty Shapers:

These shapers are a high-waisted panty that extends to the base of the bust, controlling the upper, middle, lower abdomen and the waist. When to use them you might ask? This garment goes with absolutely everything and will make you feel secure 24/7. The best thing about these panties are the variety of styles, you can find them in brazilian or cheeky designs. These panties include an invisible effect so you don’t have to worry about panty lines and they have some detail like lace to make you feel more feminine.

* If you are going to wear pants, skirts or very tight dresses I recommend a brazilian-style panty girdle to ensure that all your lines are smoothed.

Here are some of the best-selling panty shapers:

Panty Shapers
Panty Shapers
Panty Shapers
Click below to browse the variety of options in this silhouette. Leonisa offers lots of styles, so we’re sure you’ll find your ideal garment. We also have panty shapers in different compression levels: light, moderate and firm.

Panty shorts:

If your hip or legs make you feel insecure, this shapewear piece is perfect for you. The panty short offers perfect coverage that goes from the mid abdomen to the thighs, it will help you to hide the famous "cameltoe" and cellulite.

This is one of my favorite silhouettes to wear under skirts or dresses because it makes you feel more secure when moving around while slimming your abdomen and waist.
When should you wear these shorts? You can choose different styles according to the occasion because some are longer than others. If you are going to wear a dress or short skirt, make sure that the shorts do not show.

If you consider your legs to be "chubby", as many consumers mention to me, you’ll have a hard time taking off these panty shorts as they prevent your legs from rubbing together and help keep you much cooler.
Additionally if you’re looking to enhance your butt more, Leonisa also offers control shorts with removable pads.

I am going to tell you a secret: these are my favorite shorts.

I use these shorts without pads because I don't need them, but it truly fascinates me how soft and comfortable these shorts are! They flatten my abdomen, my skin doesn’t roll over the seams th, and they don't ride up. I wear this shapewear piece with all of my dresses.

Panty shorts

Now, an interesting fact:

Many brides wear control shorts on their wedding day. It is the best way to shape and highlight your curves without anyone noticing, while maintaining comfort on that special day.

Control Panty shorts

Compression Tshirts:

Compression tshirts will help you control the stomach and back comfortably. It’s so versatile that it can become your new favorite shapewear piece. You can use it as a regular shirt under a jacket, a kimono, a scarf or with accessories; but you can also wear it as an undergarment under all your blouses.
Leonisa offers a wide variety of compression shirts Some compression tshirts can be used with your favorite bra, while others have removable cups, so you can feel free without a bra.
In my experience as a Personal Shopper, I have come across many women who have never worn girdles because they think they are uncomfortable, but once they try a control shirt they change their way of thinking. It is an ideal garment to wear every day, fresh, practical and super comfortable!

If you are one of these women, I recommend starting with this type of shapewear.

Compression Tshirts for Women


If you have more experience in the shapewear world, meet the most complete silhouette-enhancing shapewear for your curves.
Generally speaking, a bodysuit controls multiple areas of your body Additionally, bodysuits offer coverage in the abdomen and in other areas such as thighs, back and armsSome styles include straps or even some have a built-in bra.
There are multiple options for you to choose from. You will find some simple bodysuits perfect to wear with tight garments, others with front or side closure and some with adjustable front fastening so you can adjust to your needs.
Since this garment helps to smooth many areas, it’s also a great option to wear after plastic surgery or when recovering after pregnancy.
Wear them with absolutely everything and even daily if you are a shapewear lover.

You can find bodysuits in a variety of styles and levels of compression: light, moderate, firm and extra firm.


Waist Cinchers:

When it comes to defining your waist and flattening your stomach, this garment will meet all your expectations.
Generally, waist cinchers have adjustable front buckles that can be adjusted over time so you can measure your progress.
Here’s a quick tip I’ve discovered some women do: they adjust the fastening more in the center (in the waist area) to achieve the curves they have always dreamed of.
When can you use them? You can use them every day if you want ,and you will find them available at different levels of control: light, moderate, firm or extra firm.

Some women use latex, which is extra firm control , when exercising and burn more calories.

Waist Cinchers

Maternity and Postpartum Girdles:

These girdles help you to feel comfortable before and after pregnancy.
If you are pregnant and you begin to feel that your tummy is stretching, I recommend using a maternal girdle that has reinforcement in the lower abdomen and back to give you the necessary support and relieve weight as the baby grows more.
Do not worry! These girdles have the ability to expand in the stomach area, so your baby will be comfortable all the time. In addition, they can help you prevent back pain caused by the weight of the belly.

Browse different styles so you can choose the one you like best:

For after pregnancy, nothing is more comfortable than a postpartum girdle. I am sure of this even thoughI am not a mother,because I have advised many women and friends who are pregnant and they loved them!. Their comments are always positive: "I loved the girdle, I feel less swollen, it is comfortable and I have seen changes in my body
The postpartum girdles are also practical— they utilize Velcro that will allow you to measure the girdle to fit your body and adjust more over time. So you can continue using the shaper and tracking your progress.

You’re able to wear them after a natural birth or c-section. Here are the best options Leonisa offers:

Maternity and Postpartum Girdles

Now, I invite you to try out shapewear and girdles that perhaps you didn't know about before. As you can see, the shapewear world is big and at Leonisa we offer you a wide variety of options, accompanied by the best advice, tips and reasons of use.
Keep in mind the area of ​​the body that you want to improve will help you choose the girdle that perfectly fits what you are looking for.
When choosing, purchase the correct size, that is, buy the girdle in your size, and don’t size up or down because girdles already have the compression that your body needs.

Remember that you can choose shapewear by the level of compression you prefer. If you want to learn more about the different types of compression, check out this article.



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