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ABC de tu Ropa interior

Alejandra Hinestroza
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The first step to choosing your ideal bra is to know everything about it.

1. What’s in a bra?

I’m sure that, since you were young, you’ve felt some type of way about bras. It’s impossible to forget the first bra we ever purchased, or the first time we wore one. Not only did they help us feel secure, but also more feminine and powerful

The bra has been a symbol of our femininity for as long as we can remember and that’s why they’re so powerful. They can help us feel, or look, however we want to, any time of day.

Personally, bras have become a way for me to express myself. They make me feel special any day of the week. For example, one day I might wake up wanting to feel comfy, whereas another day I might want to show a little more skin and feel sexy...

You might be able to identify with this because it’s happened to you! That’s why bras are the perfect piece for any occasion: whether you want to take your workouts to the max, whether you want to stay comfy while resting, or anything in between.

But how well do you know your bras? Do you know what they’re made of? Do you know every inch and every feature that makes a bra unique?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that every part of every bra has a special benefit or function that help you look and feel how you want to. Keep reading, learn about the real experiences of women like you, and become an expert in the universe of underwear:

ABC Ropa interior

1. Hook-and-eye closure

Lets you adjust the bra for a perfect fit.

  • Every body is different! The hook-and-eye closure has different levels so you can adjust it to your unique size.
  • Most bras you’ll find have a hook-and-eye closure on the back.
  • Bra extenders can help a lot! If your bra is too tight, use an extender to adjust the bra to fit you perfectly.

There’s something you should know about hook-and-eye closures. Many of us believe that the bra should always be hooked on the same row (on the outer, middle, or inner row) no matter which bra you’re wearing. But that’s false! The goal is to adjust your bra to a comfortable level for a smooth fit without the appearance of “back rolls”. You may find that you have to tighten some bras more than others - this variance depends on the material the bra is made of. Some bras are just stretchier than others!

Let me tell you about something that happens a lot when I’m consulting with clients. I’ll see someone who, on first glance and through their clothes, appears to be wearing a bra that’s too small or large. I’m immediately thinking that she’s wearing the wrong size, or simply that this bra isn’t the right one for her. It’s always a surprise when I realize that they’re wearing the right size - it’s just that they have the bra hooked too tightly or too loosely, which can make the bra seem like it just doesn’t fit well.

What I want you to keep in mind is that it’s important to be aware of how you hook your bra. Your bra should fit comfortably.

If you’re one of those who feels like no bra is going to ever fit comfortably, if you find that the back always feels too tight (even if you use the last row of hooks!), I recommend that you keep reading! I’m about to teach you about a tool that can change your life.

Bra extenders are the “little helpers” we can turn to when we feel like the backs of our bras are tighter than they should be.

Many times during consultations, I’ve met with women who have wider underbust measurements and smaller bust volume. People with this shape have a hard time finding the perfect bra.

I always recommend that they use bra extenders. That way, the cups will still fit well, but the band of the bra will have a few extra inches for a perfect fit across the back.

2. The Cups

The cups cover and hold your bust. They give it the shape you’re looking for and the softness your body deserves.

Some cups have built-in padding to add volume.

Finding the perfect bra is hard work, but knowing what occasion you’re wearing it for, and how you want to feel, will make things simple.

For example, if you’re looking for a daily-wear bra, I’d suggest a non-padded bra that’s made of soft fabrics. You’ll want something that fits perfectly, gives you support, and keeps you comfy all day.
If, on the other hand, you want to show off some cleavage, a bra with cups that have push-up padding is an excellent option.

On the other hand, if you want a natural look with light lace, bralettes are the perfect alternative for you.

In the universe of bras, we can find options for any body type. Deep, high-coverage cups are good for a full bust while, for smaller busts, shallow cups that offer less coverage are perfect. On the other hand, women with an average bust are lucky - almost any option can accommodate your needs.

3. Straps

Work with the underbust band to support the weight of the bust.

  • Can be multiway (classic, criss-cross, halter) or removable.
  • Most bras that can be worn strapless have an anti-slip grip lining so they won’t slip and slide.

Straps can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Why do I say that? Well, sometimes women don’t realize the important role straps play in the fit of a bra. This can leave us with painful shoulders caused by straps that are too tight or saggy-looking breasts from straps that are too loose.

To find out if you’re wearing your straps correctly, I suggest you keep these tips in mind when it’s time to put on your bra:

    • You should be able to slide one or two fingers between your shoulders and the straps. Make sure they’re not too loose or too tight. Straps shouldn’t dig into your skin.
    • Look at the back. Your straps should be adjusted to a level where the back lies completely straight across, at the same height as the underbust band. Avoid making the straps so tight that the bra rides up in the back.
  • If you have a large or heavy bust, you’ll want to look for bras with wide, thick straps that can help support the weight of your bust.

4. Band

Guarantees a perfect fit. Includes the center gore, sides, and back.

Speaking of bands and backs, you can find a great variety of these to suit your needs: thin, classic, and wide. The latter is on-trend because it smooths out the area under the arms and helps eliminate unwanted “back rolls”.

I’ve had many clients who, at first glance, refused to try on a bra with a wide back. This happens just because they’re not used to wearing them. But when they put them on, they’re surprised with how good these bras look and how comfortable they are.

Remember that, nowadays, the back of the bra is as important as the front! That’s why it’s no surprise there are so many different designs and materials. Everyone can feel unique, confident, and fashionable.

If the band or back of the bra are made of lace, this can be an amazing complement to your look. Let a little of the lace peek out under your shirts - this is a subtle way to show off the pretty bra you’re wearing underneath

5. Underwire

They give the support your bust needs.

  • If you wear a bra in the correct size, the underwire won’t be uncomfortable - you won’t even feel it!

When we think of the words “underwire” or “boning”, we tend to think of something super uncomfortable that’s going to be painful. But I want to tell you today that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Throughout many years, we’ve come to the conclusion that wearing a bra with underwire is going to irritate our skin, or even cause medical side effects! These myths have given underwire bras a bad rap.

More often than not, women come into my store and ask me for WIRELESS bras because underwire bras are uncomfortable and dig in. When they wear underwire bras, they can’t wait to get home and take them off. But there’s nothing more gratifying than watching these clients fall in love with underwire bras. Once they’ve found one in the right size, they realize that underwire doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

An underwire is an internal structure in the bra that keeps your bust in place by giving it support. If you’re looking for a naturally “lifted” look, these are perfect for you.

Remember that the wire should border the entire space under your bust and it shouldn’t ride up or move around through the day. To be certain you’re wearing your bra correctly, try this: lift your arms and make sure the underwire stays in the same place. If the wire rides up or makes you uncomfortable, the bra you’re wearing is too small.

6. Side Boning

They provide a better fit, keep the bra in place, and stop it from rolling down.

  • They’re in charge of giving the structure and support your bust needs.
  • They shouldn’t be uncomfortable or dig into your skin. Ideally, you won’t be able to feel them, but they will help your bra fit better.

Now that you know about every part of the bra, and about cases of real women like you, you’re closer to becoming an expert in the world of bras!

This is just the beginning. There’s so much more to discover about the universe of underwear, and the Personal Shoppers and I have a lot more to teach you. Don’t miss a thing!
Desde recomendaciones hasta los mejores datos curiosos, ¡No te puedes perder absolutamente nada!

Keep reading our posts and let us answer all your questions! Learn everything you’ve always wanted to know and let me be your “Underwear Accomplice”.
Until next time 🙂,


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