The Types of Thongs: A Full Guide

The Types of Thongs: A Full Guide

Thongs are a type of underwear that doesn’t fully cover your butt. They usually don’t cause panty lines, even under tight or thin clothing. Many women wear thong panties under leggings, pants or dresses to prevent panty lines. An additional benefit is you’ll feel sexy with them on. A thong is perfect for showing off your bum and curves, even if you’re the only one who knows that you’re wearing it. When you feel good, you exude more confidence.

It’s a myth that thongs are uncomfortable. The right thong will feel as if it’s not there when you’re wearing it.

Styles of Thongs

Many styles of thongs are available for different occasions. Leonisa gives you lots of choices, so you can find the best fit for your body type.


Classic thongs are suitable for everyday wear. Whether you’re hitting the gym for a workout or heading to work, this type of thong is designed to be comfortable. It stays in place if you’re moving around a lot or shifting in your chair. It has a thicker band for the hips and coverage for the crotch.


A T-back thong has coverage over the crotch and a thin band that makes a T-shape from behind. It exposes more of your butt than a classic thong. T-back thongs are usually made of soft cotton with elastic, but you can find them in other materials, too.


A G-string also shows off your full bum. It consists of a string band, a narrow piece of material over your crotch and a string between your butt cheeks. A small triangular piece of fabric in the back also connects the hip band to the string that sits there. They typically don’t create a visible panty line under your clothes, making them wonderful for dresses and tight clothing.

G-strings have been around for longer than you may think. Showgirls in theatrical productions from the 1920s sometimes wore them. Performers used to make their own G-strings, but by the 1930s, businesses were selling this type of underwear.


Essentially the same as a G-string, a V-string thong is barely there but creates a V-shape in the back rather than a T. Another key difference is that a V-string doesn’t have a tiny triangle in the back.


When you’re in a flirty mood, you may find that cheeky thongs express your vibe. They cover more of your butt than other thong types, giving a peek at your cheeks. 

seamless thong shaper panty


A tanga thong has a thin strip of elastic between the legs and a triangular piece of fabric near the top of the butt that’s about 2 or 3 inches wider than a classic thong. The front part resembles Brazilian underwear and is often made of thin elastane. Tanga thongs can establish a shapelier appearance and enhance round or large bottoms.


Some thongs are made of mesh material for a dressier option. Mesh offers breathability and comfort. They’re so good at ventilation that some postpartum underwear is made of mesh.


Lace is a popular design choice for alluring underwear, and you can find plenty of options in lace thongs. We offer dainty floral lace in light colors and black low-rise lace. Our selection also includes thongs with lace waistbands.


Some thongs are made of cotton, a breathable and absorbent material that supports vaginal health. This material is lightweight and easy to clean.


One way that some women like styling their thongs is with the waistband visible above their jeans. G-strings are usually the type chosen for this style. However, if you like to wear low-rise jeans, then you might like to wear a high-waisted thong underneath. 

Another benefit to high-waisted thongs is that they give a slimming effect without you having to wear shapewear. You’ll feel secure and confident all day every day! 


Seamless panties are the best at not showing under your clothing. When you are wearing something special for a night out, you might want to choose a seamless thong. Some seamless thongs feature a no-slip grip and mid-rise fit to keep them safely hidden under tight clothes. Our selection includes no-ride-up options for a secure, comfortable fit. We often use lightweight fabric and no elastic bands for these thongs.


Shaper thongs flatten your tummy while lifting your bum. Leonisa offers this type of thong in black and tan. Our shaper thong uses DuraFit®️ fabric for flattening the tummy and sculpting the waist. We strive to keep our shaper thongs comfortable to wear as well.

Finding the right thong

Finding the Right Type of Thong

Many women who try thongs for the first time love them so much that they don’t keep just one type in their drawer. You could wear thongs for different occasions such as for everyday use, date nights, fun nights out or when you need a boost of confidence.

What does your wardrobe mostly consist of? If you usually wear low-rise jeans, and you don’t want the thong to show over your pants, then you’ll want to search for pairs that have a low-set band. Form-fitting thongs that are designed to not ride up are also good choices. Underneath dresses and high-rise jeans, you can usually wear any type of thong.

If you’re wearing satin or nylon, then you may find that a thin, simple thong that doesn’t have beads or lace will work better for a seamless look. Bulkier fabrics and add-ons like tiny beads or metal hearts might cause a print through your clothing.

Your thong size is the same as your regular underwear size. It should fit snugly but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Thongs shouldn’t be too loose, either. They shouldn’t shift around, as this can cause the thong to spread bacteria.

If you have a larger frame, then you may find thongs with a high rise and/or a wider band to be more comfortable. Women who have a smaller frame might prefer the low-rise thongs. Thongs come in all sizes, so it’s best to take a look at our sizing chart to know what will fit you best. At Leonisa, you can find a variety of stylish thongs to add to your underwear drawer.

Styling a Thong

Some women like to match their thongs with their bras. Stick to similar colors and/or patterns for a complementary, balanced look. Using similar fabrics also helps your overall appearance remain cohesive.

Unbuttoning your jeans and folding the edges is another way of showing off your sexy underwear. High-waisted thongs work best for this style. Distressed and shredded denim jeans also pair well with this outfit idea. Black thongs look sexy and stylish. Bright colors establish a fun or playful vibe. Denim shorts are another way of switching it up. If you’re going to the beach, you may favor the denim shorts–thong pairing.

Thong Features

Most thongs are made of cotton, polyamide or mesh, but they can be made of other fabrics, too. Whether a thong has elasticity depends on the thong. Even those that don’t have elastic can stay in place as you move around during the day. Some of our thongs are made of DuraFit®️, our specialty fabric that's ultra-light for a perfect fit that won't show through your clothes.

We laser cut the edges of some of our thongs to ensure that they won’t cause panty lines. Some thongs have tiny beads or metal hearts that be visually appealing and fashionable, but it's worth considering that these add-ons will show through tight clothes.

Although most panties are labeled as hand wash only, you can safely wash them in a washing machine. First, you need to place them into a high-quality lingerie laundry bag and use soft detergent. 

Feel Attractive and Comfortable in the Right Thong

The type of thong you choose comes down to which appeals the most to you and works with your wardrobe. All thong types can pair well with skirts and dresses. Depending on the look you’re going for, most thongs work with jeans, too. If you’re not comfortable with your thong peeking above your denim, you can choose a low-rise thong or high-rise jeans.

No matter what your personal fashion sense is, you can find the ideal thong. Once you try one, you may find yourself adding more to your collection. Leonisa offers affordable thongs that are so comfortable you’ll forget you have them on.

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