What Is a T-Shirt Bra?

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What is a T-shirt Bra - Leonisa

Though everyone has different preferences when it comes to their undergarments, your collection of bras probably includes a range of colors, styles and specific bra types. You might have a few “real bras” or traditional styles that feature structured cups, a back clasp and underwire for support. In addition to these, you might have some special styles for date night, backless dresses or when you’re lounging around the house in comfy clothes. If you don’t already have a couple of comfy t-shirt bras in your closet, it’s never a bad time to expand your collection to include a few of these soft, loungewear-friendly styles.

T-shirt bras are not only comfortable, but they’re also the perfect option when you want the feeling of going braless with just a touch of support and coverage. Still wondering what is a t-shirt bra? Keep reading for the lowdown on t-shirt bras, when to wear them and how they compare to other popular bra styles.

When to Wear a T-Shirt Bra

Bras are a lot like the other pieces of clothing in your closet in that many of them work well for specific occasions, activities or seasons. If this is the case, think of a classic t-shirt bra as a year-round closet staple. It’s a basic you can count on as part of almost any outfit and isn’t limited to specific pieces. Leonisa t-shirt bras can take you from casual to fancy, day to night or anywhere in sleek, supportive style. Go for a multipurpose pullover t-shirt bra for a cozy night at home or a casual round of errands. These super comfy t-shirt bra styles feature our absolute softest fabrics and are perfect if you’re a mama to be, nursing a little one or like to sleep in your bra.

Leonisa also offers t-shirt bra styles that feature different levels of coverage. If you love the feeling of a full coverage bra and the smooth softness of seamless material, we’ve got you covered. Our maximum coverage t-shirt bras give you the coverage you desire without feeling bulky, thick or uncomfortable. These t-shirt bras are sure to become your favorite style to wear with casualwear, work outfits or jeans and a cute top on the weekends.

In need of a lift? There’s a t-shirt bra for that, too. For those days when your outfit needs a little something extra, consider a t-shirt bra with added push-up power. Not only can a push-up t-shirt bra give you that classic lifted look, it also has the coverage to keep you feeling comfortable and secure throughout wear. Add a push-up t-shirt bra underneath a loose shirt or sweater to define your breast shape, or create a more dramatic look and wear one underneath a fitted dress for girls’ night or date night! These styles pack a punch while remaining discreet and supportive, and they also come in a variety of colors and fun materials like lace and mesh. In other words, they’ll probably become the style in your collection of sexy bras that you reach for the most.

Black T Shirt Bra

Since there are great t-shirt bra styles built for so many different occasions and style preferences, it’s always a good day to wear one. Remember to check the fit description anytime you try a new bra as sizing can vary from style to style. Leonisa makes it easy to find your perfect fit with our bra sizing tool on each style page, as well as help from our Style Confidants! These resources are available to all Leonisa shoppers and are designed to help you measure your own bra and cup size, select the best size in each specific bra style and make online bra shopping an easy, stress-free experience.

T-Shirt Bras vs. Bralettes

Let’s face it — sometimes it’s not so easy to differentiate between bra styles. That’s especially true when it comes to t-shirt bras in particular because the style covers a lot of ground. Technically, a t-shirt bra can also be considered a full coverage bra, lounge bra, a smoothing bra or even a sexy bra, but is it the same thing as a bralette? The short answer is no, but there’s more to learn about the similarities and differences of these two popular bra styles.

A bralette is a specific bra style that features little to no lining and is typically free of underwire, excessive hardware and padding. Though some hybrid bralette styles do include wiring or padding for coverage and support, they usually still feature comfortable fabric, stylish decoration and cute colors to keep them in the overall bralette category. They are designed for both comfort and style, with many wearers allowing them to show through beneath backless summer dresses, one shoulder sweaters, flirty v-neck tops and the like.

Much like t-shirt bras, bralettes are both a response and a solution to uncomfortable bra styles that restrict movement and dig into the skin underneath the breasts and around the shoulders and back. Both t-shirt bras and bralettes offer a comfortable alternative to traditional underwire bras and, though some of them may include wiring or padding in certain cases, are designed to maximize comfort during wear.

When compared to a t-shirt bra, a bralette is considered a more specified style. Bralettes are known for being stylish and are even considered clothing when worn with tops and dresses that reveal their shape, color and material. They come in a range of neutral shades as well as fun pastels and bright, bold shades to meet the needs of any closet or outfit. When it comes to their design, bralettes are praised for being soft, stretchy and comfortable. They commonly feature stretchy lace fabric, elastic, cotton and other comfy materials that move well.

A t-shirt bra, on the other hand, covers more than just comfort and style. Many bralette styles can be considered a type of t-shirt bra, but not all t-shirt bras are bralettes. Their key differences lie in the elements that make them most popular. For instance, a classic t-shirt bra should include a comfortable design that offers full coverage and light to medium support, whereas most bralettes offer minimal support, low coverage and designs that are meant to be seen and stand out beneath your clothing.

If you’re deciding between a t-shirt bra and a bralette, know that coverage and design are the biggest, most noticeable differences between the two styles. Consider a stylish bralette for a barely-there feel and cute lace accents or a t-shirt bra for comfortable, reliable daily wear.

How to Wear a T-Shirt Bra

While it’s true that a t-shirt bra can be worn with almost any outfit, there are a few looks that work especially well with this bra style. Many t-shirt bras feature smoothing power, high coverage levels and a discreet design, so they’re ideal for fitted tops, tight dresses and a range of necklines. Once you find a t-shirt bra in your perfect size, try pairing it with different pieces and outfits. Since t-shirt bras tend to feature traditional triangle cups and concealable straps, you’re likely to find that your t-shirt bra enhances your chest shape, supports your breasts and smooths the entire area to help each of your outfit choices look their best!

T-shirt bra tips

More T-Shirt Bra Tips

Just in case you needed a few more reasons to make t-shirt bras your most worn bra style, we have a few more Leonisa-approved tips for wearing and loving these comfy bras. Since they’re so incredibly versatile and can be worn with a multitude of outfits, your favorite t-shirt bra is also your very best travel companion. Instead of bringing five or six different bra styles along on your next trip, pack a neutral colored t-shirt bra or two and consider your bra packing done! Plan to wear your t-shirt bras with both casual and dressy outfits while you’re away and save a little room in your suitcase in the process. Plus, a t-shirt bra offers the benefits of a traditional bra with way more comfort, so it’s a good idea to make it part of your travel outfit, too.

Whether you’re moving to a smaller space or just feeling the need to declutter, a closet purge is necessary from time to time. If you have a bunch of bra styles you truly don’t wear, consider recycling them or donating unwanted pieces that are clean and in good condition. Dial it down to what you wear often like your favorite sports bras, a convertible style for strapless options and, of course, a few great t-shirt bras. You’ll love having a more manageable set of bra options and extra room in your closet!

Though these are all great perks of owning and wearing t-shirt bras, it all goes back to the idea of comfort. As many women know, a bra style may be hyped up for its supposed benefits and allure on the hanger, but if it leaves red marks on your skin, pinches your ribs or makes you uncomfortable all day, there’s a pretty good chance it will stay tucked away in the back of your bra drawer for the rest of its life. Leonisa t-shirt bras not only look good on paper, but they also deliver the same smooth, comfortable results you just have to feel for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Join hundreds of other satisfied customers and find your perfect t-shirt bra today!

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