What to Wear Under Workout Leggings and Clothes


What to Wear Under Workout Leggings and Clothes

Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


Choosing what to wear beneath my workout clothes should be a no-brainer, but sometimes it can be complicated.

Look, I workout hard, so I expect a lot out of my underwear, sports bras and shapewear (and you should, too). I need my workout clothes to be comfortable and supportive while also allowing for mobility and able withstand tons of sweat.

Of course, there are the visible panty line (or VPL) issues that personally tend to leave me a bit self-conscious and insecure.

Workout leggings and tight activewear can be more revealing than I’d like. Colors and seams can show through skintight clothes, making them visible to the entire gym or in the direct view of the cyclist behind me in spin class. Yikes! Fortunately, Leonisa offers a variety of attractive, durable options when it comes to activewear and sportswear.

As a personal shopper, here’s how I find active underwear I wear under workout leggings and clothes so that I feel confident and secure. I decided it’s time I worry less about my panty lines so I can focus on my exercise.

Features to Look for

When choosing what I wear under my workout clothes, I like to be mindful of materials. If you have sensitive skin, certain materials can be rough on your birthday suit during vigorous exercise.

For instance, cotton is perfectly acceptable for all-day wear and even offers a certain degree of breathability. Still, it’s not really a suitable option for me. Cotton can absorb sweat like no other, but while it is indeed breathable, it mostly collects moisture and gives that wet, clingy feeling. Instead, I tend to look for something that is moisture-wicking, in order to shed sweat away from my skin.
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Also, I love to find smooth materials, like seamless underwear options. Lace can sometimes cause irritation and chafing, so I’ve found that trim-less, laser-cut edges work wonders for me. Underwear with laser-cut edges offers the super smooth seams and a practically non-existent panty line that I’m looking for. This type of edge is typically found on spandex-like fabrics. Leonisa offers DuraFit® fabric, a blend of Polyamide and Elastane, that fits perfectly to your body and glides smoothly across your skin as you move while offering a comfortable shaping effect.

Wear These Items Under Workout Leggings and Clothes

Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

Leonisa offers a variety of athletic wear that will make you look and feel your best. However, when it comes to discretion, here are the items I recommend to wear under workout leggings and clothes.

Also, I love to find smooth materials, like seamless underwear options. Lace can sometimes cause irritation and chafing, so I’ve found that trim-less, laser-cut edges work wonders for me.

Underwear with laser-cut edges offers the super smooth seams and a practically non-existent panty line that I’m looking for. This type of edge is typically found on spandex-like fabrics. Leonisa offers DuraFit® fabric, a blend of Polyamide and Elastane, that fits perfectly to your body and glides smoothly across your skin as you move while offering a comfortable shaping effect.

  • Thongs

Thong panties are a wonderful underwear option to wear under leggings. With thongs, I never worry about my panty lines showing. Plus, they give you complete freedom of movement.

Like any underwear, however, it’s important to position thongs correctly so they don’t ride up in unwanted directions. A thong that doesn’t fit properly can cause irritation in certain private areas, and I’m just not trying to have that. The last thing you want a thong to do is create a vaginal infection.
When I shop for thongs, I aim for those with wider waistbands to grip better and prevent sliding or shifting around. I’m also a huge fan of breathable mesh fabric to avoid panty lines. Like some lace undies, mesh material can also cause irritation if there’s a cut pattern, so I always choose thongs with a solid and soft mesh. At the very least, I always make sure the lacy fabrics are nowhere near my more tender crevices.

I highly suggest taking a look at Leonisa’s Seamless Thong Panties. The low-rise panties come in a variety of colors and prints with laser-cut edges that are perfect for wearing under workout leggings during yoga classes.

  • Boy Shorts or Cheeky Underwear

Since I don’t always feel like wearing a thong, boy shorts are a great alternative. This style of underwear is perfect for women who prefer an extra bit of coverage.

Without having to worry about panty lines showing, boy shorts reach just under the cheeks, making it less obvious. Like all my workout underwear, I make sure they’re seamless and stretch right along with my curves.

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  • Sports Bras

Sports bras are fantastic for wearing under simple T-shirts and sweatshirts, or even on their own. And while Leonisa offers tons of tips for finding the perfect sports bra, here are a few I find particularly comfortable, and why.
Available are two basic styles of sports bras: compression sports bras and contour/encapsulation sports bras. I’ll explain:

  • Contour/encapsulation sports bras, instead, have built-in cups that are intended for ladies with larger cup sizes. These sports bras are meant to add support during medium and high-impact exercises.

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  • Compression sports bras are better for ladies with smaller cup sizes and ideal for more low-impact activities. You know this bra well, as it creates what we women refer to as the “uni-boob” using it’s cup-less, single piece of fabric. Nothing wrong here, just painting a picture.

Now that I’ve laid out the two basic styles of sports bras, let’s take a look at some that I recommend. Racerback bras and crisscross straps offer me a full range of movement and are completely unrestrictive. As a result, they give me the freedom I need for my workout.

Leonisa’s Reversible Seamless Sports Bra offers contour cups to hold my bust in place during medium- and high-impact activities, like jogging, cycling or doing yoga and Pilates. The seamless, second-skin feel eliminates visible lines and doesn’t dig into my skin or leave marks. And the reversible, breathable mesh-style fabric offers excellent moisture-wicking. In general, when I shop for a sports bra, I tend to avoid ones that rise too close to my armpit area. Otherwise, I know that I might experience irritation, chafing or even pain.

Strapless Bra - leonisa
  • Back Posture Corrector Bras

While hitting the gym after a long day of sitting, I like to use a back posture corrector bra to improve my posture while working out. A better posture not only makes me look and feel more confident, but also improves my athletic performance for activities like lifting, running and yoga. With built-in bands, these corrector bras straighten my back during my workouts and I don’t even notice it.

Leonisa’s wireless back posture corrector bras offer non-abrasive, ultra-soft seams that don’t chafe or restrict as I move about. Plus, I can’t say enough about the PowerSlim® fabric that offers a firm compression to streamline my (dare I say, sexy) silhouette. In addition, the bra’s wide elastic underbust gives that extra support for medium- to high-impact activities.

  • Shapewear

For that little extra boost of confidence while I’m working out, I wear my sports shapewear under my workout leggings and clothes to help look slightly slimmer and trimmer. It really motivates me to see how I will look once I hit my desired weight goals, and my shapewear helps push me to strive for that healthy finish line.

Leonisa shapewear can make me feel confident and secure enough to feel comfortable in a public gym or packed exercise class.

However, there are different types of shapewear to support and tighten various areas of the body. In other words, not every kind of shapewear can be worn during a workout. But when chosen correctly, shapewear can offer more physical benefits, too, such as strengthening the core and ab muscles. So let’s take a look at some of the best options Leonisa has to go under your workout wardrobe.

Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are great to wear during workouts. Leonisa’s waist trainers offer lots of multiple sizing options and customizing features. A hook and loop closure can be minorly adjusted, which lets me find the most comfortable fit for various activities. The best part is that as I shed weight and my body changes, they can be tightened so I keep that perfect fit.

When I wear a waist trainer while working out, there are some things I like to keep in mind. For starters, it’s not for high-intensity workouts like HIIT or running. I wear a waist trainer when lifting weights, but I leave it at home on cardio days.

A waist trainer also makes me sweat more than usual, which helps to shed extra pounds. If you’re looking to get your sweat on and eliminate toxins, try wearing a latex waist trainer. However, I should also warn you that this can result in more breakouts and irritations, especially for sensitive skin. To combat this, I wear a slim tank underneath the trainer to absorb all that acne-inducing sweat and to keep my trainer from stinky odors.

Once you’re finished working out, I recommend taking off the waist trainer so you can allow your body to breath, cool down and prevent bacteria forming from excess sweat.

Absolutely Nothing

Yes, you read that right. Nada. Zilch. Many women prefer to go commando and wear absolutely nothing under their leggings. Just their birthday suit.

There are many pros and cons to this, as broken down by Yoga Journal. Camel toe, for one, is a disadvantage. But lady-parts’ health and psychological freedom are two advantages that some women require and desire. However, it really comes down to hygiene and personal preference.

Of course, with this option, I highly recommend washing your leggings after each class. This brings us to the next section...

Care and Washing Tips

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It’s essential to clean all workout clothes properly, especially anything I wear underneath! According to a New York Times article, the sweat and dead skin cells that rub off can harbor odor-causing bacteria that make workout wear stink.

And, I like to take great care of my workout wardrobe so it lasts longer. So here are my favorite tips to clean workout leggings, clothes and anything else underneath.

  • Turn Inside Out to Dry– I never simply peel out of my wet workout clothes and toss them in the hamper after a workout. I always turn them inside out to eliminate as much bacteria as possible.
  • Use a Soft Detergent– Harsh detergents can cause irritation, especially in private crevices, which can result in worse things like a rash or infection. Instead, I use hypoallergenic soap.
  • Avoid Excess Detergent– While many assume the more detergent, the cleaner the workout, this simply isn’t true. Excess detergent can cause soap residue buildup, which traps odors instead.
  • Hand Wash in Cold Water– For my favorite workout clothes, I’ll handwash. This ensures a gentler wash for each garment, and using cold water guarantees to hold the shape of the clothing.
  • Hang to Air Dry- I never ever put workout clothes in a hot dryer. Not only does a dryer shrink some fabrics, but using a dryer can melt some elastic-like materials. So it goes without saying: always hang the garment out to air dry!

I like to take the time to wash and care for my athleticwear so it will be sure to last. Over time, however, fabrics will eventually give in to wear and tear. Laser-cut panties, especially, can roll and fray around the edges.
Since I’m proud to say that I use my workout clothes often, I replace them when necessary and get back to the gym!

Ready to Expand Your Workout Wardrobe?

Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

Now that I’ve provided you with some tips and options for what to wear under your workout leggings and athletic wear, take a look at what Leonisa has to offer.

As a personal shopper, I find tons of attractive styles and comfort levels that work for my body and all my friends’ shapes and sizes. I especially love that Leonisa is socially and environmentally responsible enough to use recycled fabrics in many of their sports bras and shapewear.

There truly is something for every woman’s workout routine and lifestyle at Leonisa!



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