3 Surprising Ways to Get a Boost of Confidence

Building self esteem is something many men struggle with. Social media gives us constant access to images of inaccessible body types, unattainably handsome and sculpted faces, and guys who generally seem to have it all. Regular guys often feel like we pale in comparison to the too-perfect dudes we see every day on our feeds. The look and lifestyle these posts portray can have a negative effect on your self confidence: being constantly reminded that you’re not perfect can erode your self-esteem and make you feel less worthy of attention, affection, companionship, and even success. So, how can you build self esteem and contradict the negative effects of the unrealistic standards social media bombards us with?

We’re not going to claim to have some kind of panacea, a one-size-fits-all solution for confidence restoration. What we do have is extensive knowledge about shapewear and underwear, so we’re going to put that to use!

It may seem silly to equate underwear for men with building self confidence, but don’t knock it until you try it! Keep reading and we’ll give you a couple of suggestions that worked for us.

1. Try Something Different

Consider trying something new for a boost of confidence. For example, if you’re typically a boxer briefs guy, try on our Ultra-Light Brief! It’s made of our signature FitTech fabric and designed for a perfect, comfortable fit. It’s also in a brief style, which is going to feel like you’re wearing nothing. Some guys don’t like the airy feeling of brief underwear, but a lot of guys swear by wearing next-to-nothing for an instant boost in confidence. Try it on and ese how it feels!

If you’re typically a briefs guy, try something with a little more coverage, like our Ultra-Light Trunk. The legs aren’t too long, and we think it’s the perfect in-between point between a brief and a boxer brief. The slightly-extra coverage could give you the boost in confidence you didn’t know you needed!

Even if you don’t choose a new silhouette, the very act of buying and putting on a fresh pair of underwear is sure to brighten your day. The longer you wear a pair of underwear, the more likely it is to become stretched out, to accumulate holes, or even to get stained. Continuing to wear old underwear past its prime can make you feel worn down, yourself. On the contrary, slipping into a pair of brand-new men’s underwear is guaranteed to give you a boost of confidence. Embrace the change and feel the difference!

2. Padded Underwear for Confidence and Comfort

Let’s face it: a lot of guys are plagued by “pancake butt”. While some of us have never given any thought to the shape of our butts, others have looked in the mirror and been less than thrilled by what we’ve seen in the back – or, rather, by what we’re lacking. That’s where Leo’s Instant Butt Lift Padded Brief comes into play.

If your flat cheeks are a source of insecurity, first of all, you’re not alone. Secondly, there is a solution. Pull yourself into our padded brief and you’ll notice an instant – but natural-looking – difference. Plus, the extra padding will make it more comfortable to sit down, no matter where you are. When you’re not squirming in your seat, you’re more likely to project an air of confidence.

3. Shapewear You Can Wear All Day

If you know what shapewear is, you probably think it’s something women wear to smooth out their curves under a tight dress, which is true. But there’s shapewear for men, too, and it can be a game changer. 

While you may have heard that shapewear is uncomfortable, we’re here to debunk that. Shapewear is surprisingly comfortable, especially when it’s made using high-tech fabrics. Our shapewear is engineered to get the job done, but it’s also made of our signature compression fabrics that are light, breathable, and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Many guys wear shapewear on a regular basis and you don’t even know it. That’s because modern shapewear is designed to hide under clothes. Our Stretch Cotton Moderate Compression Shaper Tank is specially designed to look like a regular undershirt, with the added power of compression that comfortably shapes your torso.

We’re not promising miracles, but the right shaper can definitely make you feel more confident in your daily life. Shapewear for men is designed to accentuate your best features and strategically shape certain areas. Our shapewear can flatten your stomach, shape your chest, and help your clothes fit better. When your clothes fit well, and when you feel good in them, that’s going to give you a major boost of self esteem.

So, what do you do to improve self-esteem? Everyone you ask that question to will say something different, and many blog posts and articles are chock full of good advice, but we think our unique solution is as easy as it is effective. Improving your self esteem can be as easy as switching up the garments you’re wearing under your clothes. This is your sign to try something new: specifically, to see what Leo’s high-tech menswear can do for you! 

Do you have any other tips to improve self-esteem? Leave ‘em in the comments below.

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