Men's Abdominal Compression Garments


    Men’s Abdominal Compression Garments

    Discover the best men's compression garments and men's shapewear. LEO offers a full collection of abdominal compression garments and body shapers for back support, contouring and more. Target the abdominal area to contour the male figure into an Adonis-like physique or wear a garment to help the healing process after abdominoplasty or liposuction plastic surgery.

    LEO abdominal binders also offer convenient features like adjustable straps, smooth and comfortable fabrics and are targeted to the male body.

    Men’s Compression Vests

    Looking for a compression vest or shaper vest? Check out the LEO Maxforce compression vest, a shaper vest that firmly compresses your entire torso. Designed with criss-cross PowerSlim® fabric bands for back support, the Maxforce features a double-layered bottom that compresses the abs, pulls the shoulders back to correct posture and may even help to relieve back pain. Overall, the Maxforce compression vest offers a contouring silhouette for guys to create a sculpting effect and confident look.

    Looking for more than just a vest? LEO offers a wide range of other options that focus on the lower body. Choose a full compression bodysuit with many of the same features as the Maxforce compression vest, but with extras like adjustable shoulder straps with fasteners and a gusset opening. Compress your abdomen, back, abs, buttocks and even flank areas with one of our full-body shapers for a more toned look throughout.

    LEO also offers a high-waist boxer brief to help shape your entire torso and define the abs and side. With an anti-slip grip lining, it stays put. Perfect for activewear or daily wear, this high-waisted boxer brief-style compression garment slips beneath your clothes and offers a seamless, inconspicuous look. Plus the legs offer a chafe-free length and an open crotch fly.

    Compression Garments for Post-Surgical Recovery

    Many of our men’s abdominal compression garments also aid in post-surgical recovery. After your plastic surgery procedure, whether it was liposuction or a tummy tuck, it’s important to wear an abdominal compression garment to protect the torso. Designed with a high-tech fabric that’s breathable and smooth against the skin, our men’s abdominal compression garments provide a snug fit that helps speed up recovery and prevent unwanted side effects.

    Wearing an abdominal compression garment after abdominoplasty surgery can minimize fluid retention and reduce the risk of seroma — as well as improve blood circulation all around, which helps the healing process and reduces bruising. Having a compression garment to protect your incisions and tender areas can make your post-surgery days feel more comfortable, without pulls or strains.

    There are many benefits of wearing a compression garment for abdominoplasty recovery. And Leo compression garments are applauded by plastic surgeons everywhere for their post-lipo assistance. For liposuction, abdominal procedures and hernia surgery, the full-body compression suit is highly recommended.

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