Compression Underwear for Men: Everything You Need to Know

Compression underwear for men is still an emerging and evolving technology, but you’ll be glad to know that we’ve been perfecting it for over 60 years. In other words, not to brag, but we’re kind of the experts, and we’re also committed to constantly learning, and listening to feedback, in order to improve our designs.

So, what is compression underwear for men used for and how can you reap the benefits? In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of men’s underwear with built-in compression and detail what the power of compression can do for you.

Types of Men’s Underwear with Compression

Who says boxers should just be…well, boxers? At Leo, we encourage you to expect more out of your underwear, and our technology is constantly evolving to exceed those expectations. In all of our designs, you can expect ergonomic support, extraordinary comfort, and materials made using cutting-edge technology. But what if your underwear could do even more? If you’re looking for a little extra leg coverage and chafe prevention, along with sculpting in the top, a boxer brief with built-in compression is the perfect choice for you. This Leo style is extra high-waisted, designed to cover the whole torso in order to define your abs, while the bottom just covers to mid-thigh for comfort and chafe prevention. It truly is an all-in-one piece, perfect for looking your best at special occasions or for a daily boost of confidence.

But although we tend to think of compression as synonymous with shaping, it has other benefits as well. Many athletes swear by compression underwear, as well as compression leggings, to improve their circulation and reduce fatigue and soreness after a workout.

If you’re looking for complete coverage, as well as compression in the legs instead of the torso, our moderate compression legging is what you’re looking for. This style has thermafused DuraFit ® panels to strategically squeeze your thighs and calves, which minimizes vibration to enhance performance. This style can be worn by itself as a legging, or under your shorts or pants as an extra layer for warmth and chafe prevention.


Types of Men’s Underwear with Compression


Both of these styles are designed to compress your body in strategic areas. Although they’ve been engineered to offer different solutions, the result is the same: try these on and you will look, and feel, the best you ever have. Beyond the technical details, the most important results any of our products can provide is a boost of confidence with a comfortable fit and feel. But don’t just take our word at face value: try on our compression bottoms and feel the difference for yourself!

Compression Shirts for Men

When we think of “men’s underwear”, we tend to get stuck on the lower half, but underwear isn’t just what we wear on the bottom. Undershirts are also a staple of many guys’ wardrobes, so we should cover those, as well.

Our undershirts really are more than undershirts. We offer several styles of undershirt with varying levels of compression to smooth, shape, and sculpt under your daily clothes or formal suits. Not only do our compression shirts offer aesthetic benefits, they also provide back support, giving you the boost you need to maintain better posture as well as the comfort you’re looking for in a daily wear piece.


Compression Shirts for Men


Not only that, but the compression that our tops offer can also help while you’re working out. In the same way compression underwear and leggings can improve your performance, as we described above, compression tops can also offer support, stabilizing your body while you train. The pressure may give you better blood circulation, which can help you recover more quickly while reducing soreness. This, on top of the posture-enhancing benefits we outlined above, are just a couple of examples of how a compression shirt can improve your performance, no matter what routines you’re tackling today.

Compression Socks

We’ve talked about compression underwear and compression shirts, but don’t forget about your feet, ankles, and calves. In addition to the aforementioned items, you can also wear compression socks for a similar benefit. They can support your ankles, stabilize your calves, and improve circulation all at the same time.

Compression socks are also great for anyone who stands up all day, for anyone who’s recovering from surgery (as long as your doctor recommends them), and also for athletes. Compression socks are also good for long flights, as they can improve circulation, decreasing your risk of developing of swollen ankles or worse, blood clots. Increased travel time can increase the risk of these, as well as other issues, so definitely consider trying compression socks if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the air, sitting down at a desk, or lying down to rest and recover.


Compression Underwear for Men


Should you try compression clothing?

In conclusion, compression clothing includes compression shirts, compression underwear, compression socks, compression leggings, and other styles that are designed to gently squeeze your body. Leo offers many such styles, and all of our high-tech compression garments are designed to lie flat, to go invisible under your clothing, and to make you look and feel great. All of our compression clothes are made of light, breathable materials so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

But how do you know if compression clothes are good for you, and for your specific needs? Trying anything new is, of course, always a personal choice. We’re not here to tell you if you should try compression underwear or not, but what we can tell you is that, if you’re interested, Leo is a great place to start. We have multiple options for bestselling compression clothing that you can wear both on top and bottom, and each of them have an abundance of 5-star reviews to back up their benefits.

The only way to really know what the power of compression can do for you, is to try it on yourself. So whether you want to start with compression shirts or compression underwear, or anything in between, pick your new favorite styles and you’ll notice a difference the second you squeeze into them. We’re willing to bet that you’ll feel an instant boost of confidence, in addition to the other beneficial effects we’ve talked about today!

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