How to Get Abs: 4 Six-Pack Tips for Men

Before we get into this article, here’s a disclaimer: the shape, size, and composition of your body is determined by a number of factors. Your diet and exercise habits play a role, but so do your genes. Some people are just more likely to be more muscular, and those people will have an easier time getting visible abdominal muscles than others. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to work a little harder – or use a shortcut, such as shapewear, to get the same look. So if you’re wondering how to have abs, the short answer is simply that it depends on the person. However, here are a few fitness tips for men who want to know how to get more defined abs.


How to Get Abs: 4 Six-Pack Tips for Men


1. Try Stomach Shapers The easiest way to get a sculpted look is to wear shapewear. Some guys think shapewear is just for women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth: shapewear for men is very much a thing, and it’s a valuable tool. Shapewear can give you a sculpted look under clothes and make your abs look more defined without you having to put in a lot of extra effort…except for the effort you’ll use to squeeze into shapewear for the first time. (It gets easier, we promise.)


How to Get Abs: 4 Six-Pack Tips for Men


If you’re looking for stomach shapers for men, you’re in the right place: Leo has has multiple options. You can try our shaper tanks, which come with various levels of compression built right in. Our shaping tank tops for men are perfect to wear as undershirts or by themselves. We also have a full body shaper to sculpt your torso and upper thighs for those days when you want extra coverage. The key is to choose shapewear that targets your belly. You can ease into it with light or moderate compression, or go straight to firm compression shapewear for maximum results.

2. Ab Workouts If you’re looking for abs that show through even without shapewear, there are a few workouts you can do to strengthen those muscles and make them more likely to pop out. Crunches are one of the easiest ab workouts to do. You can do them anywhere and there are different versions, so you can find one that works for you. You can do crunches while sitting down, standing up, or lying down.

If you find that traditional, lying-down crunches are uncomfortable or painful, you might want to try standing bicycle crunches. While standing, suck in your core and bend your arms with your hands to the sides of your head. Then, lift up and bend one leg and bring the opposite elbow down to meet that knee. Repeat the process on the opposite side. This exercise can help you build core muscles, including abdominal muscles.

You can also try seated leg lifts. Sit down with your core engaged, your arms to your sides, and your legs extended straight in front of you. Then, take turns lifting each leg up about 6 inches off the ground, holding for five seconds, then putting it down. This exercise looks simple but can pack a punch when it comes to building and defining abs. There are so many different ab workouts you can do. You can even try a different workout every day – what’s important is that you’re consistently doing something to engage and strengthen your core.

3. Focus on Cardio Building muscle is important for ab formation, but so is burning fat. To really make your muscles shine through, you may want to incorporate some cardio workouts into your routine as well. A cardio workout can be as simple as a brisk walk around the neighborhood. You can also try jogging or running to get even more of a cardio benefit. Cycling and swimming also count as cardio if that’s more of your speed. No matter which cardio workout – or workouts – you choose to incorporate into your routine, just make sure you stay in the fat burning zone to reap the benefits. Gradually increase the intensity of your workouts until your heart is beating at 70%-80% of your maximum heart rate to achieve the maximum benefits from cardio.

4. Eat Well Protein is essential for muscle building, so foods rich in protein are an essential part of a diet for abs, but you’ll also want to focus on eating whole foods that have healthy fats and plenty of fiber. Eat plenty of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Fish like salmon and tuna, and legumes like lentils and peas, are important lean sources of protein and other nutrients that promote fat burning.

But what should you avoid? When you’re trying to show off some abs, it’s generally recommended to avoid sugary soda, fried foods, and alcohol, among other unhealthy foods and beverages. These foods can lead to bloating, which will decrease the visibility of your abdominal muscles, and they can also cause weight gain. What’s more, the weight you’ll gain from these unhealthy foods may tend to accumulate in the belly, hiding those muscles you’ve been working on.

So, now you know a few simple steps you can take if you’re wondering how to get abs! Remember, though, that progress takes time. It’s perfectly natural to become discouraged, but don’t give up!

Another thing that’s important to remember is that you don’t need to have six-pack abs to be desirable or worthy. If you follow these steps and still don’t end up with visible abs, keep in mind that it’s still beneficial to make healthy choices in life. If you feel better and healthier as a result of these actions, it’s definitely still worth your extra effort, even if you don’t end up with the desired visual results.

Additionally, remember not to compare yourself to celebrities or fitness influencers. Those people either have, or are, personal trainers and they may even have a personal chef that prepares healthy meals for them. Not only that, but most pictures you see online are edited. Comparing yourself to other people is a losing game, but if you make better choices for your health, that’s a win.

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