What is the Best Shapewear for a Muffin Top?

Shapewear may help you feel more comfortable and confident in your outfit. It can provide additional structure and support while also smoothing your figure. There are many different types of shapewear for women to choose from. Explore different types of coverage, colors and varying features to find the right fit for you. A specific reason to seek out shapewear is to get rid of a muffin top. A muffin top, also called love handles, is the area of your midsection just over your pants. If you have a waistband that sits awkwardly, your body may spill out over the waistband on both sides, creating this effect. A bodysuit, slip or high-waisted shapewear bottoms from Leonisa could help you smooth this out. Keep reading to learn what makes up great shapewear for muffin tops. 

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High-Waisted Shapewear

When looking for shapewear that will smooth your midsection, you may opt for a bodysuit or high-waisted shapewear since it helps provide adequate coverage to extend above and below your midsection. We offer shaper panties, leggings and other bottoms that come in a high-waisted design.

Tummy Control Shapewear

Shapewear for a muffin top should also have adequate tummy control. Our tummy shaper items can cinch your waist, smooth your stomach and make you feel more comfortable in tight-fitting clothes. It will provide the right amount of firmness you need to address problem areas around the waistband.

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High-Quality Fabrics

 When investing in shapewear, it's always important to ensure you choose options made with high-quality fabrics. This is especially the case when you're looking to address a problem area. Materials like our trademarked DuraFit ® fabric offer shaping compression without compromising breathability. Check out bodysuits, butt lifters, waist shapers and more made with soft yet stretchy fabrics that are comfortable against your skin but offer a snug fit. High-quality construction will also help ensure your shapewear lasts through many wears.

Firm, Yet Smoothing

Shapewear for a muffin top will give you the right amount of compression to flatten your sides and stomach. Look for shapewear that will not only compresses but also smooths your body. Smoothing shapewear may help you find the figure you want. Shop shapewear specifically for your waist, tummy, midsection or entire body.

Seamless Design

If you're bothered by what you feel is a muffin top, you'll likely want to wear your shapewear under a pair of jeans, pants, shorts, a skirt or another piece of clothing that pinches in at the waist. Make sure you find shapewear that will be seamless for tight-fitting clothes. Look for our items without any buckles, snaps or thick seams to show you have shapewear on. If you're looking for a bodysuit, keep the straps and neckline in mind when pairing it with a certain outfit. 

The Right Fit

Once you narrow down your shapewear options and find the silhouette you want, it's time to determine your size. It's crucial to find the right-size shapewear to achieve the support and smoothing you desire. Buying shapewear that's too small could lead to other types of bulging and spillage. And it's not good for your health as it can constrict circulation. Buying too large shapewear may not stay in place or give you the compression you like. When possible, check out all different size options, refer to size charts and use size-predicting tools to help you find the appropriate fit.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking to define your curves, smooth your midsection or find more support, shapewear offers a range of potential benefits. Keep these tips in mind when trying to get rid of a muffin top. Shapewear from Leonisa is made from high-quality fabric, fits right and can make you feel like your best self.

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