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    Leonisa's Tummy Tuck Compression Garments

    If you've recently had a tummy tuck and need a post-surgical compression garment to promote fast, comfortable healing, you're in the right place. Leonisa's tummy tuck compression garment are made using our latest technology and our fabrics are specially treated to be as soft and comfortable as possible, making it easy to wear them 24/7 or as often as your doctor wants you to wear them. Recover from a tummy tuck surgery in comfortable shapewear specially designed to improve healing and reduce swelling.

    All of our post-surgical compression garments are made with fabric-lined zippers and hooks, along with special placements like side zippers - in other words, they're specially designed to not irritate incisions, both by protecting the skin from the metal of the closures and also through their strategic placements that avoid areas where the surgeon tends to make the incisions, keeping you comfy and protected while allowing for easier healing. Our tummy tucker shapewear helps you get the results you're looking for by helping your body adapt to its new shape. The benefits of post-surgical compression garments for tummy tuck are numerous, and all of our designated post-surgical shapewear is doctor recommended to improve results and provide excellent comfort, which is important because many doctors recommend that post-surgical garments are worn 24/7 during the recovery process.

    Leonisa creates high-tech, comfortable tummy tuck recovery garments designed to suit your every post-surgical need. According to our doctors' reviews, some patients come back for more of Leonisa's shapewear after they've recovered, just because it's that comfortable! Each piece of Leonisa's line of compression wear is designed with built-in confidence, giving you the power to look great and feel great. We believe that when you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great, you can achieve anything and everything!