How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?


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Some people have differing opinions about bras for women and how frequently they should be washed. So, we've gathered some dermatologists' and manufacturers' comments on bra washing for us to get some ideas about it. It's important to look at a few different external factors, in addition to some personal ones, in order to decide what works best for your lifestyle. If there is one thing that all of the experts do seem to agree on, it's that there is no hard and fast rule or a "one-size-fits-all" answer to how often a bra needs to be washed. Read on for our take on how often you should be washing your bra - but first, let's talk about the two main things you need to consider.

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Things to Keep in Mind

The two most important factors that should influence your decision on when to wash your bra are (a) your skin type and (b) your specific manufacturer bra maintenance.
  • Your Skin Type - First, you should take into account your skin type and sensitivity level. Does your skin get irritated or break out easily? Does your skin produce excess sweat or oil? Considering the sensitivity level of your skin in addition to the typical number of hours you're wearing the garment can lead you to decide on the best washing schedule for you. When asked how often women should wash their bras, dermatologist Alok Vij, MD, suggested that the rule of thumb is every two or three wears. This is what some professionals recommend in order to keep your skin clear of oils, dirt, germs and dead skin cells that accumulate throughout your day. If you have extra sensitive skin that is already breakout-prone, you may need to wash your bra even more often than that. This rule can also be adjusted to what you personally consider a "full wear" depending on what activities your day includes. If you're wearing your bra outside for long hours in hot, sweaty conditions, then you should be washing your bra more often than someone who sits in an air-conditioned office or only works short shifts.
How Often Should You Wash Your Bra?

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  • Your Bra - The second important detail that will affect your bra's laundry schedule is the fabric, design and recommended care tips from the specific manufacturer. The more washing, drying and tumbling your bra goes through, the shorter amount of time the bra will maintain its intended shape and fabric quality. For proper garment care, check the care label on your bra. Make sure to familiarize yourself with basic laundry care symbols that the manufacturer displays on their products. Another point to remember is that different types of bras can retain more moisture and require more washing between "wears". For example, if your bra contains thick push-up padding that wicks moisture away from your body and you've worn it for just one summer day, you may notice odors and skin sensitivity even sooner than when you wear a less padded bra.
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When the Time Comes to Wash, Here's How

For our high-quality Leonisa bras, we recommend gentle hand washing to maintain the integrity of our fabrics and retain the shape of the bra cups. It is best to hang the garment to dry and be sure to never twist or wring the bra out as this can affect the shape of the cups. Dry cleaning and bleaching are not recommended. To conclude, you have a few pieces of information to consider when planning out how often to wash your bra. Some dermatologists advise washing your bra every few wears, but if your skin is particularly oily, sweaty, or sensitive, you may need to increase the frequency. However, be sure to keep in mind that every rigorous wash will shorten the life of your bra, especially if you are using a washing machine or dryer. For our Leonisa bras, make sure to wash them gently by hand and hang them up in a shaded area to dry. This will ensure the best fit and performance of your bra.

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