How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

Great shapewear is meant to be supportive and truly invisible underneath clothing while still delivering the desired level of contouring and shaping power. Though your favorite piece of shapewear might be a secret weapon that can work wonders under your outfits, you might experience some unfabulous issues before you find the perfect shapewear. Bunching fabric, visible lines and waistbands that roll down are just a few faux pas that can make wearing shapewear feel less than enjoyable.  

How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

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When shapewear rolls, it can be uncomfortable, and it can also create noticeable lines and bulges underneath your clothing. This usually occurs at the waistband with tummy, hip and thigh-controlling shapewear and causes the waistband itself to roll downward, exposing the tummy and making the shapewear appear more pronounced. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this issue altogether and ensure your shapewear stays put all day long. Here's what you need to know about keeping shapewear from rolling down. 

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Shop for Quality Shapewear Materials

While there are many options out there when it comes to shapewear for women, it's important to shop discerningly. Keep in mind that quality materials and reliable fabrics are key to keeping your shapewear from failing you, especially when it comes to the waistband or midsection areas. Some less reliable fabrics may not be able to give you the support or control you need, which can make them bend outward and therefore lead to undesired rolling. At Leonisa, we only use reliable fabrics that will stay in place wear after wear. Whether you go for our ultra-light SkinFuse ® fabric or PowerSlim ® fabric that offers firm compression, you can count on us to provide no-roll shapewear that will remain a staple in your closet 

How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

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Find Your Best Fit

Once you've found the material and style that works best for your shapewear needs, it's crucial to find the size and fit that work best for your unique and beautiful body. When it comes to shapewear sizing, know that you might not take your normal pants or blouse size. You may find a better fit by sizing up or down, depending on the style itself. A good fit is such an important part of shapewear because it can help the shapewear to perform at its best. If your shapewear is too big, you might lose compression ability and support. On the other hand, shapewear that is too small will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable and might cause other problems like bulging and rolling. 

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Anti-Roll Shapewear Pieces

Shapewear that rolls down tends to be those pieces that target the tummy area as well as the hips, back and thighs. If you're looking for extra support and shaping power in these areas, consider a pair of quality shaper shorts. Available at Leonisa in a range of sizes, lengths and compression levels, each pair of shaper shorts is designed with complete, reliable shaping power in mind. With a unique targeted compression design, you also get the perfect mix of compression where you want it and anti-flattening mesh around the backside to avoid unwanted flattening. 

How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

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For a truly powerful anti-rolling shapewear option, you might try a sculpting body shaper that includes shoulder straps to shape the entire torso and makes it virtually impossible to roll down. With this style, you also get added back support, a seamlessly-contoured torso and an added butt lift. Whichever style of shapewear you choose, know that Leonisa's styles and materials combine with your perfect fit to create the best shapewear that won't roll down. 

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