How to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

Everything's an illusion. From contouring your cheeks to make your bone structure seem more defined to wearing horizontal stripes to accentuate your body shape, there are many tricks, switches and hacks you can utilize to highlight (or hide) a part of your body or overall look. These temporary changes are a great way to try something new or experience a trend firsthand. They can also be a fabulous confidence-booster when involving a feature or area that brings with it a bit of self-consciousness. 

Aside from makeup tricks and hair tutorials, it's also possible to make different parts of your body appear smaller or more defined. The waist area is arguably most popular when it comes to slimming methods because the resulting hourglass shape creates a balanced focal point and gives an overall slender-yet-curvy impression. You can achieve this look a number of ways depending on your preference or the occasion! Here are a few different ways to make your waist look smaller. 

Dress with Intention

Sometimes the answer can be found right inside your own closet! One of the easiest ways to make your waistline appear smaller is to choose your ensemble with that very idea in mind. Chances are, you probably have the tools you need within your wardrobe and will even have fun getting creative with new confidence-boosting outfit ideas. Thank goodness for high waisted pants, right? The beloved high rise bottom has become easily accessible (and super stylish) in the form of jeans, skirts, shorts, trousers, workout leggings and more. Not only does a higher waist offer more coverage and support for the belly area, but it also is designed to fall closer to your natural waistline, making the area appear more defined and smaller in size. You can also get a defined waistline by adding a belt into the mix. Place a cute belt over a relaxed-fitting dress to specify your waistline and make it look smaller. 

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Shape Up

If you're looking for even more noticeable results, then try something new underneath your clothes. Wearing a compression piece in the form of a sculpting waist cincher can help accentuate the curve of your natural waistline underneath your clothes for a more dramatic effect. Essentially, the compression fabric that makes up the waist cincher is designed to flatten the tummy area and carve out the waist, making for an instant and secure change that will give you a smaller looking waist. Plus, Leonisa waist cinchers feature internal side and back boning to keep things safe and secure all day long. 

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Depending on the occasion or outfit, you might need something besides a waist cincher. Thankfully, there is more to be discovered when it comes to
quality shapewear for women. For more casual occasions where you still want to have a defined and slimmed waist, consider a high waisted shaper panty that will flatten the tummy, sculpt the waist, add hip compression and even lift the butt area. That's one hard-working pair of panties! 

Speaking of hard work, meet the all-in-one firm shaper bodysuit. In addition to giving you all of the waist-cinching goodness, this piece includes a built-in underwire bra and shapes the back and lower tummy area as well, creating a fully-sculpted silhouette. It looks great under dresses or jumpsuits and serves as an easy multitasking shapewear piece. Try these trusted shapewear pieces underneath your clothes for some extra support and a confidence boost. 


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