How to Store Bras at Home

It takes patience and perseverance for women to find the perfect bra cup size and style. And once they do, it inevitably winds up crammed in a wardrobe or chest. However, after having searched for so long, don't you want your bras to last?

No matter how many bras a lady owns, we all have a favorite or two that we'd love to hold on to. So, why do we neglect them? Why don't we treat them right? Whether you keep them close in a drawer or closet, here is how to store bras to hold their shape and elasticity for many years.

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How to Store Bras Gently to Make Them Last

If your bras are haphazardly stuffed into a drawer along with jeans, t-shirts and socks, it's time to give them some breathing room. Bras with molded contour cups typically have a foam or padded cushioning and an underwire that needs extra protection to keep their form and support. 

While many women tend to fold these cups within each other to save space in their drawers, there are better ways to accomplish this without damaging your bra's cups or elastic banding. Mainly, avoid folding bras, unless they are a sports bra without stretchy and molded cups. The only part you should fold is the back straps, clasped neatly behind each bra. 

The Two Best Ways to Store Bras

Since most contoured bras and cups need room to breathe, they need a dedicated space to keep them from being crumpled and forgotten. That's why the two best ways to store bras are either in a designated drawer or in the closet.  

Create a Designated Bra Drawer

If you prefer to keep your closet for full garments, keep your bras in a designated drawer. Most likely, your bras can share space with your panties and other undergarments, but it helps to keep them within their own drawer organizer-lined up and ready to grab.

When it comes to drawers, store your bras standing up so they are presentable and easy to locate. Ensure the cups keep their shape by aligning them in a row and avoid stacking them one on top of the other.

Store Bras on a Clothes Hanger

The second-best way to store bras is in your closet on a clothes hanger. This works exceptionally well if you lack appropriate storage space inside dressers or chests. However, there is still a tried and true method in which you should abide.

Place the bra straps into the hanger's J-hook to keep them from slipping off. The key here is to ensure bras are hung by both straps. While it's tempting to save space and hang two bras from each J-hook, this will ultimately damage the strap's elasticity. 

Should you decide to hang most of your bras, you may still have a strapless that can't be hung, but you can store these in an organized container in a nearby drawer. 

Ways to Organize Bras

Once you decide how you want to store your bras, it helps to keep them organized. You can organize several ways, such as by color, bra style and type, and even by keeping your favorite garments front and center. 


If you enjoy coordinating bras with your daily ensemble-even if no one sees-consider organizing bras by colors. For a minimalist approach, arrange the bras from light nudes to dark blacks. If you have an array of colors, organize the bras by a rainbow's spectrum.  

Bra Style and Occasion

Organize your bras by style or type. Separate your everyday bras or bras you wear to the gym or under T-shirts from the bras you wear to work or during formal occasions. You can also separate molded and padded cups from non-molded cups.

Most Used

If you have favorite and comfy go-to bras, keep them close at hand. Place your most-used bras at the front of the drawer organizer or the top of your clothes hanger. This way, you can conveniently and quickly reach them. 

Extra Tips

Ultimately, you need to be extra gentle with your bras to sustain their shape and make them last. Treat them with care, and they'll treat your bosom with care, too. Here are some extra tips and tricks on storing bras. 

  • Learn how to wash delicates like bras and underwear to keep the elasticity bouncy and cups firm. 
  • Add small lavender-scented sachets in your bra drawer organizer or hang over the clothes hanger. 
  • Avoid scented drawer liners that contain oils, as this can stain bras. 

Take care of your bras, and they'll take care of you! 

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