How To Tighten Loose Skin After Gastric Bypass Without Surgery

Many women who have gastric bypass surgery wonder how their bodies will change after surgery. After this procedure, patients will lose weight and body fat. Most patients lose between 50% and 60% of their excess weight, and some women may lose as much as 70%. If you are planning on weight loss surgery, you may be excited to see your new, healthier body.

But your post-surgery weight loss can lead to some unexpected changes in your physical appearance. As your body fat decreases, you may notice an increase in excess skin, especially around your abdominal area. How much excess skin you have depends on your age, genetics and amount of weight lost. If you intend to improve your appearance, you may wonder how to tighten your loose skin. Luckily, there are many options from Leonisa for minimizing the appearance of excess skin without surgery.

post surgical short girdle

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Choosing Shapewear

After your gastric bypass surgery, you can smooth out the look of excess skin with our comfortable line of shapewear for women. Some shapewear targets all of your problem areas with one garment, while other shapewear options target specific areas.

For all-over slimming, we offer a line of comfortable bodysuits. Available in tan or black, our bodysuits feature details like lace panels, mesh and removable straps to give you the look you want. Our line of bodysuits smooth common areas where you’ll tend to have loose skin like the back, stomach and butt. Some bodysuits feature a built-in underwire bra with adjustable straps. These bodysuits give your bust an extra boost. If you have loose skin around your thighs, we have bodysuits with built-in slimming shorts or leggings.

For targeted compression around your waist, we have a line of waist cinchers and camisoles. Waist cinchers and trainers slim the waist and back and provide lumbar support. Our waist trainers feature a hook and eye closure for easy on and off. We offer both latex and latex-free options. Camisole shapers look like a tank or camisole but provide moderate shaping. These tops are great under casual shirts. We also have a shaper tank that’s open-bust and works with your bra to tighten excess skin where you need it most.

custom waist cincher with lumbar support

Finding the Right Compression Level

As you browse our shapewear options, you may wonder how to choose the right solution for your body. Shapewear garments offer different levels of compression. Which compression level you choose can depend on your clothing, the occasion and your body’s needs. Our Super Comfy Compression garments are made from a lightweight fabric that smooths without squeezing. These pieces are perfect for all-day wear. We offer many compression panties in the Super Comfy Compression line.

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Our Moderate Compression line offers more compression while still offering a comfortable fit. Many of these garments use our trademark DuraFit®️ fabric, a luxurious and light compression fabric that flattens and shapes your body. You’ll find sophisticated details like lace panels and seamless leg bands.

If you want the most compression to tighten your excess skin, we recommend our Firm Compression and Extra Firm Compression shapewear. These firm compression garments are perfect under your favorite bodycon dresses. This line of shapewear uses PowerSlim®️ fabric for maximum compression. Anti-slip leg bands won’t roll up your thighs. Added features like seams and boning give you an hourglass figure. For the most compression available, we offer extra-firm compression Latex waist trainers that can slim your waist as much as 1 inch.

latex waist trainer vest

Immediately after your gastric bypass surgery, you may love the comfort and support provided by our surgical shapewear. Our doctor-recommended shapewear provides the comfortable compression and support you need during your recovery. Post-surgical girdles have special features like side zippers and Velcro to protect your incisions as you heal. All of our post-surgical shapewear uses our breathable microfiber fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable. When searching for post-surgical shapewear, make sure to ask your doctor which post-compression garments will be best for you.


If you’re embarking on a weight loss journey with gastric bypass surgery, you may experience unexpected changes to your body. One common complaint from women after their surgery is loose skin. Instead of opting for plastic surgery, you can smooth out the look of loose skin with our line of shapewear. Whether you’re looking to shape a specific area or your whole body, we offer a shapewear solution that will give you the look you desire.

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