Why Do I Feel Rib Pain Where My Bra Sits?

One of the best feelings is getting home and taking your bra off at the end of a long day. Wearing a bra can be a literal pain due to too-tight straps, an uncomfortable buckle or pain in the rib cage area after wearing it for too long. (Hint: you're probably wearing the wrong size then.) The latter issue is seemingly all too common among bra wearers everywhere, but why is it a problem?

Experiencing rib pain while wearing a bra is an annoying and distracting issue that can stem from a few different mistakes. But hey, it doesn't always have to be that way! There are some easy tips and guidelines to follow when bra shopping to avoid problems like rib pain. Here's everything you need to know in order to avoid rib cage area pain while wearing a bra. 

Adjust Your Clasp and Straps

Before you go out and buy a whole new set of bras, check and see if your rib pain is stemming from the way you fasten your bra clasp and tighten the straps. If your clasp is on the tightest setting, try moving it to a looser setting. This way, you might feel some relief because the bottom part of your bra will not be as tight around your back and ribs. In terms of straps, try loosening or tightening them based on how much weight is held at the bottom of your bra. Tightening your straps will bring some of the weight off the bottom of the bra and into the shoulder area. 

Learn How to Tighten Bra Straps Correctly

Check the Fit

The most common problem when it comes to bra-induced rib pain is an incorrect fit. You'd be amazed at how many women wear the wrong size bra. Learning how to find your bra size is important because it can eliminate painful issues in the future. 

If your bra size is a 32D, that means your chest measures 32 inches around and your cup size is classified as a D. Both of these measurements have the potential to give you rib pain if you get them wrong. If you are wearing a bra that's not big enough around, you're likely to get rib pain because the circumference of the bra is pressed too tightly against your chest. Furthermore, a cup size that is too small might cause your boobs to dip lower into the bottom part of your bra, creating the same tightness against your ribs. Neither of these are good! Make sure you avoid these bra fitting problems by buying a bra that is big enough around and in the correct cup size. 

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Change Up the Style of Your Bra

As time goes on, bra styles continue to change and evolve. Older bra styles focused on creating a concervative and pointy cone shape, while more recent years have given way to a more revealing, sexy bra trend. No matter the era of the bra, rib pain has remained a common issue. This is sometimes due to the inclusion of underwire when you're wearing the wrong size bra. 

Although underwire provides support and enables a solid bra shape, it can be the culprit of many of your bra problems if you're not wearing the right size. Unfortunately, there's just no way to keep an underwire bra from sitting rather tightly against your skin, even if it fits you well. Underwire bras are great for a sexy look or an outfit that calls for a distinct shape, but if you're looking for a alternative style, consider trying bras without underwire. These bras still give you the coverage you need without the structure of underwire. Options include an array of necklines, fabrics, push-up levels and styles that you can wear with just about anything. The best part? They'll keep you feeling comfortable and supported all day long. 

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  • Elizabeth Benjamin

    I bought a lot of bras it either hurt me at the side under my armpits or on my ribs I’m 36 dd but it still hurt I’m really not comfortable if I take them off it’s like a relief. As the two breast comes together it also hurt I even were at the doctor thought somethings wrong but nothing I have to put them on the wrong side

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