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A work from home (WFH) lifestyle has led many women to embrace a relaxed look. Comfy but still presentable, a middle ground has arisen. Allowing the tailored suits to hang in the closet, yet not lackadaisical enough to wear sweatpants or pajamas all day, the fashion world has seen an emergence of a loungewear trend. But what is loungewear, exactly? Leonisa is here to break it down and offer key pieces to keep on rotation for this new WFH loungewear style.

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What Is Considered Loungewear?

In terms of comfort and style, loungewear lands somewhere between athleisure wear and sleepwear. It's intended to look stylish and polished, yet with a soft and sometimes relaxed fit. 

Loungewear vs. Sleepwear: Defining Features

Many people confuse the two fashion terms-and it's easy to see why. However, some defining features can help distinguish them. 

One notable difference between loungewear and sleepwear is that loungewear offers a more tailored look in neutral color palettes that easily coordinate with other garments instead of being matchy-matchy like a pajama set. 

Specifically designed to wear to bed, sleepwear is typically a looser fit so you don't feel constricted as you toss around between sheets and covers. Whereas loungewear is more tailored and constructed with modal or cotton blends, sleepwear is designed with softer materials. Think fleece and flannel for the chillier winter season and breathable silks for the warm nights. 

Types of Loungewear

Create a cute and comfortable lazy day outfit by combining these several types of loungewear.  Start with a foundation of leggings or joggers and top it off with a tank top or bra, covered with a jacket or kimono robe. To keep from looking slouchy, the trick is to coordinate and layer a loungewear outfit so it looks intentional, not like you just rolled out of bed. Ask yourself if the outfit is versatile enough that you could answer the door for delivery or run a quick errand. If so, you've put together a lovely loungewear ensemble. 


For the record, joggers are not the same as sweatpants. Instead of coming across as slouchy, joggers offer a more flattering look with a slim tapered leg with elastic at the waist and ankles. Highly versatile, joggers can be elevated into a more dressy ensemble, should you have an unexpected video conference. 


Leggings make great bottoms for everyday loungewear! Versatile and stylish, leggings can quickly transform an ensemble from gym clothes or be dressed up with a shirt and blazer to appear more presentable for video conferences. Black leggings, especially, have gained an edge over denim jeans, offering a fantastic staple for every woman's wardrobe. 

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Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits always make super cute loungewear. As one whole clothing piece, rompers and jumpsuits usually come in easy to coordinate neutral colors. However, some do offer playful tropical prints and geometric patterns to spice up your loungewear wardrobe. 


Even when lounging about the house, many women still prefer to wear a bra for a bit of support in the bosom area. But to stay comfy at all costs, slip into something underwire-free. Fortunately, Leonisa offers many wire-free bras, such as bralettes, that can be worn beneath anything from a sweater to a kimono robe. Bralettes can provide the right amount of support you need, whatever activity you do around the house. Whatever style you prefer, many of Leonisa's bras offer smooth materials and sexy laces so you can relax in style.


If you don't feel like wearing a bra but still want support, wear a form-fitting tank top. Many tank tops come with built-in support and soft fabric material that can transition from a super-casual to a polished and professional look at a moment's notice.

Kimonos and Robes

Not just for the beach, kimonos are great for adding layers. With a breezy look, a free-flowing kimono or robe adds a feminine charm to your loungewear ensemble. Wear it over a jumpsuit or with some versatile leggings paired with a clean white tank top that calls attention to the kimono's sheer pattern.  


While many pajamas are intended for bed, Leonisa carries a lovely selection of cute pajamas for women that desire a more refined look. Many of our pajama styles, like a camisole and pajama jackets, are tailored and can be combined with other loungewear pieces. 

Find Your Perfect Loungewear

Need help putting together a loungewear ensemble that's comfy and stylish? Have a one-on-one with one of Leonisa's personal shoppers. Once you schedule a session, you can chat by phone, send email or video call to talk to one of our friendly style confidants.  

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