What Size Swimsuit Should I Buy? 5 Swimsuit Shopping Tips

Swimsuit shopping can be stressful. From size to style and cut, there are so many factors to take into consideration. There's no need to stress any longer - let us help! We're here to talk about all things women's bathing suits, with tips on how to know what size to buy and other important aspects to look for while shopping.

1. Use the Leonisa Fit Predictor Tool - We know that finding the perfect fit in a swimsuit is not always easy and can be a little daunting. That's why we encourage our customers to use our Fit Predictor Tool to find the most accurate fit for your body. Answer a few questions and get sizing and fit recommendations right there on the spot. Take the guesswork out of swimwear sizing and check out our Fit Predictor for our one-pieces and bikinis for women.

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2. Shop Confidently with Our Perfect Fit Guarantee
 - Getting the perfect fit in your swimwear is important. That's why we offer free returns through our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Try your swimsuit for 60 days and if you don't absolutely love the way it fits, send it back! We'll cover the shipping costs. Shop Leonisa swimwear with confidence and know that we want you to love the way you look and feel in our pieces. Whether it's our bikinis, compression one-pieces or our eco-friendly bathing suits, you have the freedom to shop and find what fits you best. Achieve the perfect fit - guaranteed. 

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3. Comfort Check
 - One of the most important questions to ask when trying on a swimsuit is: do you feel comfortable? Before analyzing how a suit looks, first focus on how you feel. One study that surveyed over 4,000 women reported only two percent of them feel great in their swimsuit. The first step to confidence is feeling comfortable and loving what you-re wearing. It's also worth noting the need to remember that swimwear will fit more snug once it gets wet, so when trying on a new, dry suit be sure to pay extra attention to any tight or snug areas. When in doubt, try sizing up or consider a bathing suit with adjustable straps.

 4. Focus on Areas of Emphasis - A helpful tip to keep in mind while swimwear shopping is what areas you'd like to emphasize, smooth down or lift up. Made with built-in slimming compression in the tummy area, our one-piece swimsuits are perfect for smoothing down the tummy area. If you love to find a balance between showing a little skin and staying covered, opt for a low-cut back style for achieving a look that's both sexy and comfortable. Need a little boost? Try our underwire bathing suits with foam cups that offer both coverage and support where you want it. Regardless of your unique body's needs, there is a flattering and comfortable Leonisa swimsuit style for you.

 5. Let Your Style Shine - Last, but certainly not least, our final swimsuit shopping tip is to let your personality shine through! Whether it be with feminine ruffles, fashionable sleeves, sexy low-cut backs or flattering ruching - you can find a way to add a touch of your personal flair to your suit. Show them the real you in stylish and unique silhouettes with the personal details you love! In conclusion, finding a flattering and well-fitting swimsuit is possible. We take the stress out of getting it right with our Perfect Fit Guarantee and Fit Predictor Tool. No matter if you're searching for a bikini, one-piece or eco-friendly option, we've got you covered and comfortable. Don't forget to choose what you feel best in and opt for a style that puts your personality on display. Get out there and show 'em the best you!

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