What’s the Best Underwear to Wear with Leggings?

We love leggings, but there's one thing we're not a big fan of: The tight fabric makes it really hard to get rid of those dreaded visible panty lines (VPL). Whether you're wearing light everyday leggings or thicker workout leggings, it can be hard to find the right panties to wear underneath them. Below, we explain what features to look for in underwear to wear with leggings and then highlight some of our favorite seamless panties available in the Leonisa shop.

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How to Choose the Best Underwear to Wear with Leggings

When shopping for underwear to go under leggings, you need to consider several factors that can influence both your comfort while wearing and the appearance of visible panty lines.

  • Seams: This is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about underwear beneath leggings. Look for seamless underwear options, which won't create those dreaded lines across your bottom. Bonded edges in particular are great for the leg seams. Make sure to check the side seams, too. You don't want bulges or dents on the sides of your hips. If you get panty lines around your waist, a wide, flat elastic waistband can smooth things out and help reduce any bumps or lines.

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  • Material: If you're planning to wear your leggings to work out, then you'll want to opt for breathable cotton underwear that won't trap sweat or nasty bacteria that can cause infections. (In fact, we put together a whole guide that explains what to wear under workout leggings.) If you're not planning to sweat, then you can explore other less breathable fabrics such as polyester and rayon. These synthetic options often result in an extremely thin fabric, ideal for no lines beneath your leggings. Some fabrics also combine cotton with polyester fibers to get the best of both worlds.
  • Style: Some underwear styles run a greater risk of creating lines underneath leggings. While bikini underwear are very popular, the leg seams run right across the butt, contributing to VPL. This is also a problem with cheeky underwear and hip hugger styles as well. The leg seams on these have a similar placement to bikini cut underwear. Obviously, a thong is the best option for reducing VPL, but some women find it uncomfortable to wear thongs while working out, and it can spread around bacteria and lead to infection if worn for too long. You can also opt for boy brief styles, which bring the leg seams beneath the curve of the butt, making the panty lines less visible.

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At Leonisa, we offer a wide range of seamless panties that go perfectly under leggings and eliminate visible panty lines. Here are some favorites that customers love:

No Ride-Up Seamless Hiphugger Panty

One of our best-selling panties, this seamless option features a classic hiphugger cut made of DuraFit ®: our fresh, light, intelligent fit fabric. This 58 percent polyamide, 42 percent elastane blend is designed not to show through clothes or to roll down while you move. Try it today and see why so many of our customers love it!

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No Ride-Up Seamless Thong Panty

If you want to guarantee no visible panty lines, then you should definitely consider the thong version in our No Ride-Up line. Made of the same 58 percent polyamide, 42 percent elastane blend, this thong panty is undetectable beneath clothes, thanks to the thin fabric and laser-cut edges. The low-rise cut hits a bit lower than our hiphugger model for those who prefer a lower waistband.

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Full Coverage Comfy Classic Panties

If you prefer more full coverage, then we've got you covered (pun intended) with our comfy classic panties. This high waisted underwear won't cut into your lower belly, and the back completely covers your bottom, eliminating those pesky panty lines across your cheeks. The microfiber waistband and delicate seams lay flat for that seamless look. These panties come in a set of three so you'll always have the coverage you need.

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Truly Undetectable Comfy Panty Shaper

If you'd like some shaping beneath your leggings, then you definitely need to try out our Truly Undetectable Comfy Panty Shaper. The DuraFit ® fabric panels on the front and around the waist provide gentle compression to smooth out your curves, while the sheer tulle panels on the back reduce the appearance of cellulite on your booty and hips. The bottom also has a thong effect to lift and separate your cheeks. You'll love the way this makes your booty look beneath your leggings!

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With the right underwear, you can get a smooth look under leggings and really show off your assets to their best advantage. Check out these four options if you need underwear to wear with leggings.


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