What Your Underwear Says About You

Did you know that your underwear can say a lot about you? It's true. Different types of personalities are attracted to different types of underwear. Here's what 11 types of underwear say about you.

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Thongs and G-Strings

Either you're super confident and not afraid to show off what you're got, or you're really committed to not having any visible panty lines-and maybe both! Whether you wear a thong or its skimpier cousin (the g-string), you aren't afraid to show off your assets and embrace your body with a little bit of daring.

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Brazilian Briefs and Cheeky Panties

If you wear cheeky panties, then you-re not afraid to show off your great booty, but you still like to leave a little to the imagination. Brazilian briefs are the perfect bridge between a daring thong and the classic bikini panty, similar to your personality. Wearing cheeky panties shows that you're playful, confident and not afraid to play it a little bit coy when it suits you.

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Boy Short Panties

Forget men's vs. women's underwear breakdown. You just want to be comfortable, which is why you love boy short panties. You're all about that chill lifestyle, and you care way more about being comfortable than whether or not your underwear is "girly". You're more casual and prefer the fuller coverage style of boy short panties so you never have to worry about accidentally revealing something you didn't plan on.

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Hipster Panties

These low-cut, cheeky panties are perfect for those who want a look that's casual yet sexy. Hipster panties show off your booty and waistline while still providing enough coverage to stay in place throughout the day. If you like to look and feel good with a minimum of fuss, then you probably find yourself drawn towards hipster panties for a good reason.

High-Waisted Panties

If you love high-waisted panties, then you're probably a fan of more retro looks and really crave the extra support that the higher waist gives you. While some might say this makes you a little more traditional, you're actually very in touch with what makes you look and feel good. You'll opt for a more vintage silhouette because it's what you like the most, not because it is or isn't trendy.

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High-Cut Panties

Not to be confused with high-waisted panties, high-cut panties have leg openings that come higher up on the hip bone, showing off your legs to their best advantage. The waist may come up a bit higher, or it might be cut in a V-shape to create a seductive silhouette. If you love high-cut panties, you like to be a little different and march to the beat of your own drummer.

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Bikini Panties

Bikinis are one of the most popular underwear cuts for a reason: they're super versatile and always up for an adventure. If you love bikini panties, you probably live a pretty active lifestyle and don't want your underwear holding you back. You know how to be sexy, but you don't always have to flaunt what you've got to feel confident in your body.

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Brief-Cut Panties

Briefs have a waist that falls in between bikini panties and high-waisted underwear, making them the perfect choice for the woman who doesn't want to choose one or the other. If you consider yourself a classic personality who still likes to have a bit of fun, then brief panties might offer the perfect solution for you.

Lace Underwear

Whatever underwear cut you prefer, if you're buying it in lace, then you like a little luxury in your life. You believe that every day can be special and even sexy, and that it's worth taking a little extra effort to look and feel awesome-even if no one sees your underwear but you. You know how to treat yourself and are constantly encouraging your friends to do the same with both their underwear drawer and beyond.

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Printed Underwear

Is there anything more fun than print underwear? We think not! If you're drawn to print underwear, then you're probably very playful and have a great sense of humor. You don't like to take yourself too seriously and you inject a bit of fun into your life wherever you go. In fact, you probably don't even care if your underwear matches your bra, as long as it brings you joy!

No-Show Underwear

If you're all about that no-show underwear, then you are very detail-oriented and think things through ahead of time. No one has ever seen you with visible panty lines (VPLs) in public, and you know how to fold underwear like a pro. Whether you get classic bikini underwear or go for a thong for extra assurance, you like to look put together at all times and your no-show underwear helps you achieve that.

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