Wrong Size Bra? 4 Signs Your Size Isn’t Right

When it comes to bras for women, figuring out the sizing can be tricky sometimes. How are you supposed to know if you're really wearing the correct size for your bust? Maybe you had yourself measured when you were younger and haven't been able to find the time to get it done again in recent years. Perhaps you're continuing to go off what size you've always been or taking guesses at what size you think you might be now.

For women, breasts can change size throughout our lives for multiple reasons. They are sensitive to changes in hormone levels that result from pregnancy, menstrual cycles and aging. Weight gain, weight loss and breastfeeding are also factors to consider. It's important to note that you should not expect to remain the same bra size over your lifetime so if you're experiencing discomfort with the bra you're wearing, it's time to change sizes. Let us help you get it right. Take our bra size quiz and be amazed at the difference you'll feel when you start wearing the appropriate bra size for your body. And to help you know what's normal and what's not, here are four signs that the bra you're wearing may not be the accurate size for you.

1. Tightness or Pinching - The first and most obvious sign that your bra size is off is if you experience any uncomfortable tightness or pinching. If your bra is so tight that the sides of your bust are spilling out or the breast is barely being covered by the cup, it's time to size up. A bra should never be so tight or uncomfortable that you can't wear it for multiple hours in a row. The material of the band should lay flat against your torso. If not, that's a red flag that the sizing is incorrect for your body.

2. Indentations - Building off the first point, you should never experience such digging in or squeezing of your bra that it actually leaves indentation marks when you take it off at the end of the day. Redness, irritation and painful marks are not something you should be suffering through every day. A well-made and properly fitted bra in your appropriate size will not leave you with those lasting marks in your skin. That's a significant sign that it's time to go in for professional measurements or take our bra size quiz. Say goodbye to painful red marks and hello to bras made for your body's shape and needs.

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3. Gaps - Another common sizing issue that women experience is too much space in the cup area of the bra. The cups should hold your bust in and rest up against the skin comfortably. There should not be any gaps or space between the top of the cup and your chest. Improperly fitted bra cups can lead to poor coverage and not enough support. If you find yourself fidgeting with your bra cups throughout the day and not being properly secured, it's definitely time for a new size.

 4. Slippage - Lastly, a sign that it's time for a different bra size is constant slipping. Whether it be the shoulder straps slipping or needing to constantly pull up the band - any type of slippage is not something you should be suffering through. A properly fitted bra in your accurate size will stay snug on your rib cage and, when the straps are adjusted properly, the straps will stay up all day long. Constant pulling and tugging at your bra is your sign to try something new.

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In summary, it's time to stop suffering through the uncomfortable symptoms of wearing the wrong size bra. Painful indentations in your skin, tugging and fidgeting with your bra throughout the day and annoying gaps or slipping are all signs it's time to move on. Take our bra size quiz and try our high-quality designs that are made to fit you comfortably and give you the ultimate bra-wearing experience.

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