Moderate Tummy Control Swimsuits


    Moderate Tummy Control Swimsuits

    Feel glamorous and confident in Leonisa’s moderate tummy control swimsuits. Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail by the pool or splashing around with the kids, our versatile swimwear keeps you supported all day long. Explore some of the features that make Leonisa’s body-shaping swimwear a hit with women everywhere.

    Hidden Features in Body-Shaping Swimwear

    Shaping swimwear has impressive science behind each item. Primarily, foam cups create a symmetrical look across the chest, along with a supportive band. As a result, you’ll feel supported during relaxation and play.

    The fabric and lining have a combination of different elastic materials. All of them work together to provide tummy control throughout the day. Wash and wear the swimsuit again, and the material continues to provide the support you need.

    Clever Design

    There’s more to these bathing suits than just tummy control. The clever design of women’s shaping swimwear gives the impression of an hourglass figure. Below the bust is the draped section that draws the eye to the navel. The fabric’s angles give the illusion of a tiny waistline. Turn the swimsuit around to find a ruched backside. The pleated fabric gives women an attractive and supported derrière.

    Color Choices

    Our bathing suits come in a variety of colors, from basic black to bold orange. Designers pick these colors specifically for their flattering effect. You may want to be the center of attention or quietly enjoy your day. Your color choice reflects your personality as it keeps your curves sculpted.

    Discover a new level of comfort and beauty with women’s shaping swimwear. There’s no need to feel like you’re wearing a waist cincher to the beach or pool. Our products have a modern twist on the hourglass shape. Browse Leonisa’s inventory today!