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A Bra for Every Occasion

Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


I don't know if you know, but undergarments have power and magic over us women to make us feel and see in a different way. There’s nothing more satisfying then when we open our closet, we can choose what intimates to wear, asking ourselves “how do I want to feel today? Do I want to feel more sexy, comfortable, romantic or practical?”

My thought is that all women have several options to choose from, depending on the occasion or their mood.

There’s nothing more satisfying then when we open our closet, we can choose what intimates to wear, asking ourselves “how do I want to feel today?

In order to understand what I mean by “occasion”, think about the moments that most women go through, both on a daily basis and on the most special occasions. These occasions include work, family moments, parties, trips, birthdays, a romantic date, sporting events, your wedding day, relaxing days, etc. In short, all occasions are an opportunity to express ourselves through the clothes and undergarments we wear.

“All occasions are an opportunity to express ourselves through the clothes and undergarments we wear.”

I want to tell you about a study we did at Leonisa, in which we managed to talk to more than 5,000 women about their closets and underwear, especially their bras. Are you ready to learn about the most important findings?

A bra for every occasion

Do you identify in any way with this data? Most likely, yes! Bras for every occasion have become one of the most decisive factors when buying undergarments. For example, we know that most women use their most beautiful and newest bras for special occasions such as going out with their partner or friends.

One of the findings that caught my attention is that when looking for sexy intimates, women search more in terms of silhouettes: bras, bralettes and bodysuits with designs that include mesh or netting. The reason is that sexy lingerie helps women feel youthful and feminine; a feeling that should be present in all moments of life regardless of age. Additionally, colors such as black, red and wine are go-to’s when shopping for sexy intimates.

On the other hand, the study also shows that women are making good choices in their underwear for sports and exercise. Most of them wear tops that are designed for exercise, while some previously had a bad habit of using their "older" bras for this. Our takeaway is that this occasion is ideal for exploring more vibrant bra colors, different back and shoulder designs and special details.

With this research, we can also conclude that if a woman likes a bra that she already bought, she will buy the same one in another color or buy a very similar one. So let's think, what are some clothes that can only be worn with a certain type of bra? For example, what would you do if you like a strapless top but none of your bras can be worn without straps?

If I were able to look into your closet, I would most likely find all similar bras: all with padding, all plain, all lace or bras that are exactly the same but in different colors, and so on. As women, we tend to “be married” to some clothes and become too stubborn when it comes to buying new undergarments. We are afraid to change, make bold decisions and get a little out of our comfort zones.

“If I were able to look into your closet, I would most likely find all similar bras.”

Are we forgetting to acknowledge the importance our intimates truly have?
Remember that these clothes are so powerful that they can affect our mood or self-esteem.

Lace Crop Top Wireless Bralette with Sheer Tulle Cutouts

Today is a new day for you to try on bras that you might have never considered. Give yourself the opportunity to explore, to have a wide variety of options in your closet, look for new styles and always feel unique. Get to know the bras that all women should have, and we guarantee you’ll be ready for any occasion!

“Give yourself the opportunity to explore, to have a wide variety of options in your closet, look for new styles and always feel unique.”

A Bra for Daily Use

I mean a bra to wear 24/7 on a daily basis. For thi occasion, soft and light garments are essential, perfect for any day of the week. Also, look for bras that give you the support and coverage you need to feel calm in your daily tasks; a bra so comfortable that you can move from one place to another without realizing you’re wearing one.

White, black and beige colors are the best options for daily use; However, to give your closet something new, shop for basic colors that are simple yet trendy: ivory, rosewood, wine, blues and greens. (add color palette)

A Bra for every occasion
    • For example, I have a small bust, so I like to wear bralettes with soft cups that make me feel comfortable, safe and beautiful at the same time. Plus, bralettes are a great undergarment to complete any outfit!
    • Basic support bras are also a great and comfortable option.
    • If you are a lover of padding and enhancements, look for a bra with subtle enhancement and very soft foam for day to day use.

A Bra for Going Out

A strapless bra certainly is a perfect choice for this occasion. Think about one of your friend’s parties or a special occasion where you want to wear a tight dress and show off your curves.What’s better than to feel free and calm with no bra straps?

  • Look for bras with a deep neckline so you can wear them with dresses. Also, make sure these bras are plain so they don't show off with your outerwear. You can also choose a bra with enhancement if you want your chest to have a little more volume.
  • Our strapless bras have the technology to perfectly fit your body so you can dance or move without worrying about anything.
  • If you are a woman with a large bust, here’s a quick tip: look for strapless bras that have a wider base and more structure, so it can give you the support and security you need when you’re out on the town.

Remember that strapless bras are versatile, so you can also use them with straps. This means you can use your strapless bra for multiple occasions. These are some of my favorites:

A Bra to Feel Sexy

It's time to look at yourself in the mirror and feel sexy! Lace, mesh and light materials are the latest trends that will make you feel more romantic than ever. It’s the perfect occasion to say hello to clothes that you perhaps would have never dared to wear. There’s nothing to stop you and there are no limits, a perfect space for you to feel unique, beautiful, sexy and completely empowered.

In my experience as a Personal Shopper, I can tell you that I’ve consulted many women of different bust sizes, from very small to very large, who have never dared to wear these sexy garments. When putting them on, they are surprised and go through a roller coaster of emotions: at first, they feel strange because it’s out of their comfort zone, then they start to like how they look and they start to feel sexier. Finally, these women totally fall in love with that bra that makes them feel more empowered. If you want to know more about what size bra you should choose.

Say yes to the laces and other sexy materials and give yourself the opportunity to wear these garments. Who knows, you might even fall in love with them! The lacy bra below will give you more support without compromising sexiness.

Sheer Lace Bustier Bralette with Underwire

This bra ranges from a 32B to a size 40B, so you can wear it and feel sexy no matter the shape of your bust.

High-Neck Unlined Lace Crop Top Wireless Bralette

This high neck crop top will feel irresistible once you have it on and be your best weapon when it comes to seducing.

Bra + Bralette: Perfect Match

If you prefer lace garments with more structure, here is a 2 in 1 bra (bra + bralette) that you can make as sexy or versatile as you want.

A Bra for Your Wedding Day

If you need a bra to wear under your wedding dress, choose a plain bra in white, ivory or beige. Of course, choose beige if your dress has mesh so that your undergarments blend with your skin tone and are not marked.

  • Straps will be your best option if you have a dress with sleeves, so look for a bra that makes you feel very comfortable. Pair your bridal bra with a control panty that will help shape your figure and highlight your curves so that you feel even more secure on your big day.

  • For your wedding night, Look irresistible in a bodysuit with lace or mesh details.
Sensual Bodysuit with Tulle and Lace

A Bra to Complete Your Look

Again, a lace bra or bralette is my go-to choice. Bralettes are a perfect choice because they combine the best of comfort and fashion. They’re so versatile that they are designed to show a little with your outerwear, making them the perfect complement to feel unique and stylish.

If you prefer bras that give better support to your bust, choose those with romantic lace and dare to wear them with mesh, subtle necklines or bare backs.

Although this is technically not a special occasion, there are many ways to combine your favorite shirts or dresses with a lace bralette that shows off your shoulders and sleeves.

You can combine undergarments with your outfit to create a look as casual or formal as you want. Our bras help you feel unique, romantic, sexy, risky, fashionable and stylish.

A Bra for Sports and Exercise

When it comes to exercising, comfort and support are the essential allies to have a carefree sports routine.

If you have ever used your everyday bras or your "older" bras for sports, drop that habit! Keep in mind that conventional bras generally have more structure and padding, so they can dig into your body while you're on the go.

For this occasion, you should look for bras or tops that are designed for sports: a bra that gives you the coverage you need, wide straps that support the weight of your bust and breathable, quick-drying design to always keep you feeling fresh.

Remember that when working out and exercising, you can wear bold and playful colors. Shop for bras with bright colors, play with the patterns and dare to use silhouettes with different designs.

A Bra for Lounging and Resting

We know that when you’re lounging and relaxing that you’d prefer not to wear anything fancy and uncomfortable. Have you ever been at home watching Netflix and you realize that the bra you’re wearing is not as comfortable as would you like? It has definitely happened to me! In moments like that, I decide to change into something more comfortable. I put on a super light bra, without any wires, rods or anything that bothers me.

Wireless Bra - All-in-One

If you are a lover of cotton garments, the bra below will surely enchant you. A bra with a perfect covering, designed for all your moments of rest. It is also soft, light and fits any bust size.

Comfy Wireless Bralette with Lace Trim - Cotton Blend

If you like cotton but also want to feel more feminine, you will not be able to stop thinking about this bralette that will give you the best of both worlds: the comfort of cotton and the femininity of lace. The best part is that since this bra doesn't have snaps, you might forget you even have it on.

Fierce Almost-Plunge Sheer Lace Wireless Bralette

If lace is your thing even in moments of rest, you will not be able to resist this bralette designed 100% with romantic lace. It’s so cute, comfortable and fashionable that you will want to wear it 24 hours a day, even for other special occasions. Personally, I like to wear the ivory bra while lounging around the house and the black and dark-colored bra to go outside.

Now that you know the variety of options for each occasion, Are you ready to add space in your closet for unique and different intimates? Open your mind, explore endless possibilities!

Hugs and kisses,


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