How to Hide Belly Fat in Jeans

How to hide belly fat in jeans

Belly fat can accumulate for a range of different reasons. Some temporary belly fat-developing factors include recent childbirth and leftover baby weight (congrats, mamas!), increased stress, a high-sugar or alcohol diet during the holidays and a decrease in exercise that might come about as a result of the winter months and colder weather. On the other hand, you might be dealing with belly fat that is carried as a result of a hormone imbalance, mental health struggles, genetics and more. No matter the reason, I know that extra belly fat can be discouraging at times and stubborn to eliminate. As a result, many people (myself included) look for ways to conceal or hide belly fat beneath their everyday clothing.

I'm happy to report that while stubborn belly fat is something no one actually wants, it's not a direct link to serious health problems or something that should make you lose sleep. Instead, it's a bit of extra padding around your tummy area that can usually be minimized by staying active and eating yummy, fresh foods. Still, I understand the desire to make belly fat appear less pronounced. It can make a world of difference in terms of how you feel in your own clothes. 

The good news is that hiding extra belly fat is relatively simple! It's all about choosing the right type of clothing and quality undergarments, like shapewear, to wear underneath your outfits. In addition to these strategies, I also have a few tips for you to keep in mind when shopping for and planning your belly-hiding outfits. Because it can be hard to conceal a big tummy when wearing denim in particular, I've focused these tips and guidelines on how to hide belly fat in jeans. Having said that, my tips are versatile and can definitely be applied to other outfits as well! Here's what you should keep in mind for hiding your belly fat in jeans. 

Consider Tummy-Friendly Styles

Tummy control shapewear for women

When wondering how to hide belly fat in jeans, shopping thoughtfully can be a huge help. I like to do most of my shopping online so I can try on everything from the comfort of my own home. This way, I never feel rushed or pressured to keep anything. If you're worried about needing another opinion, invite a close friend over to help you decide on which pieces to keep and which to return. Otherwise, you can take mirror photos to help give you a different perspective. You can always schedule an appointment with our Personal Shoppers as well. It's their job to help shoppers find clothing that works for their shape and size!

Pair Your Jeans with Shapewear

If there's a number 1 rule I have for how to hide belly fat in jeans, it's to wear shapewear under jeans. I know this might seem a little weird to some of you because shapewear is commonly worn underneath garments like dresses and skirts. While many shapewear garments work well underneath those pieces, there are many options when it comes to pairing your jeans with shapewear for women.

The unique and extensive line of shapewear pieces from Leonisa do so much more than just smooth and define your shape underneath a tight dress. In fact, there's a shapewear piece for every occasion and level of shaping power. Jeans in particular bring with them a set of specific shapewear criteria, of course. When pairing jeans with tummy control shapewear, there are a few things to keep in mind. The key is finding shapewear that covers your tummy but isn't exposed by your jeans either. Like most clothing, it's a good idea to try on a few different pieces of tummy-controlling shapewear in order to find your perfect style. Be sure to get a variation in compression levels, materials and cuts to see the difference. If you are looking to control your tummy with lighter weight garments that you can wear every day, I recommend wearing super comfy compression panties made with SkinFuse® material, our softest slimming technology. We also have leggings with targeted compression that slims where it counts: torso, hips, and legs down to mid-calf, making them ideal to wear under your favorite jeans. Who knows? Maybe you'll love a certain piece of shapewear that doesn't work great with jeans but would pair perfectly with another outfit. Here's my list of the best jeans-approved shapewear to get you started:

Body Shaper Tummy COmpression

  • Body Shaper with Firm Tummy Compression: If you're looking for serious tummy flattening power, this body shaper has you covered. For starters, it's a discreet one-piece, so you'll get smoothing power in the tummy, waist, hip and back areas with one single piece of shapewear. This one is made with Leonisa's exclusive PowerSlim® fabric as well, giving you powerful and noticeable tummy-flattening effects while remaining comfortable for all-day wear. This piece covers the entire torso, but it's easily hidden by tucking a thin tank top into your jeans.

  • High Waisted Shaper Panty: I love a reliable piece of shapewear that doesn't overdo it on coverage. While this extra high waisted shaper panty nails it in terms of tummy-smoothing power, it's the perfect companion for skinny or fitted jeans. Plus, the lighter weight fabric in the back and thong detail give you an added butt lift, too! It's the perfect way to turn heads in your jeans.

  • Jean Styles That Hide Belly Fat

    It's important to think about certain styles of jeans in particular when shopping, whether you do so online or in person. Keeping things narrowed down when shopping for jeans can also help you avoid impulse buys. These are my favorite styles and rises for hiding belly fat in jeans:

    Jean Styles that hide belly fat

  • High Rise: As a lover of ultra-high-rise jeans, I announce my disapproval of low-rise denim ever coming back in style. There's truly nothing better than a pair of jeans that supports your tummy just enough without being too tight or uncomfortable. In terms of hiding belly fat, high-waisted jeans could become your new best friend. Simply put, high-rise jeans help you hide belly fat by covering and smoothing the area.

  • Wide Leg: In response to the skinny jeans phenomenon, wide-leg styles have become more popular as a way to offer something different. Wide-leg jeans are designed with more room in the hips and therefore do not accentuate the tummy area as much. Combine a wide leg style with an extra high waist and, trust me, the results are truly confidence-boosting.

  • Stretchy Denim: I'll admit that I love a good structured pair of jeans from time to time. However, hiding extra weight in the belly area calls for a more forgiving blend of fabrics that help to contour your waist and hips. Look for jeans in your most-loved rise and style that are made with a partial synthetic material to allow for a bit of stretch. Mixing cotton and synthetics will help your jeans help you, if you know what I mean. Because this type of denim tends to come in more fitted styles, be sure to wear a thong or cheeky panties to avoid visible panty lines. 

  • Creating a Top-Notch Outfit

    Front and Back pair of jeans

    Once you have found a great pair of jeans and your perfect piece of tummy-controlling shapewear, it's time to think about the rest of your outfit. Pairing shapewear and jeans with a stylish top leaves you with virtually endless possibilities. I love a top that shows off the shoulders with a fun neckline or strapless cut. Since you're wearing tummy-flattening shapewear, you won't have to worry about using your shirt to cover or hide the area. With your shapewear and a supportive waistline, you can try out new shirt styles and materials to show off your personal style and create outfits you love. However you choose to style your outfits, you can rest easy knowing you know how to hide belly fat under your jeans and start off your day with a boost of confidence.