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    Find the Best Running Leggings at Leonisa

    Discover the very best running leggings at Leonisa! We offer a huge collection of running leggings to fit every woman’s unique body shape and size. From mid-waist to high-waist full leggings and calf-length capris, many of our leggings are designed with a double-layered waistband to slim out your tummy and an anti-slip grip lining that refuses to creep down on the last stretch of mile.

    Leonisa running leggings are also constructed to last. Made of durable materials such as PowerSlim® and DuraFit® technology, our leggings are made of soft, comfortable and breathable moisture-wicking fabrics. Plus, with flat seams, you never have to worry about chafing on long runs. Our running leggings are also extremely versatile, allowing you to transition from active wear to daily wear. Ready to hit the ground running? Find the perfect running leggings at Leonisa!